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Batwing Fairings
Batwing 6x9 Fairing &
Classic Fairing

Double Boox Fairing
(Storage+Amp) $709

Batwing GPS Fairing
(GPS stereo)

Choppa Fairing
(for Fury, Choppers,
custom bikes)

M109R Fairing

Boox One Fairing
(GPS/ Storage) $679

Small Batwing Fairing
(for small headlight)

Small Boox Fairing
(for small headlight, Storage) $499

Batwing Plain Fairing (Storage)

Fat Bob Fairing

Hard Saddlebags

Hardbags for Indian Scout Coming Soon!

"Strong" Hardbags $499
Hardbags for VTX $529
"Jumbo Strong" Hardbags
"Patrol" Hardbags $475
Hardbags for Fury
Hardbags for M109R
Hardbags for Fat Bob
Hardbags for Roadliner
"Short Strong" Hardbags $449
"Coner" Hardbags
"Easy Strong" Hardbags
Hardbags for Softail Deluxe
Hardbags for Fat Boy
Hardbags for RoadKing
Hardbags for Sportster

Hardbags for Yamaha VStar/ Roadstar

Hardbags for Softail Heritage
Tour Packs  
Touring Trunk
HD Style Tour Pack with audio system
Audio Tour Pack for Metric
Vinyl Covered Bags

Vinyl Covered Hardbags and Trunk

For Fairings
For Hardbags

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Payment and Ordering
Questions about Production Time, Shipment and Delivery
Questions about Hardbags
Questions about Bike specific Hardbags Kit
Questions about Leather bags
Questions about LED Turn Signals
Questions about Bag Guards and Luggage Racks
Questions about Color Match
Questions about Quick Detachable Tsukayu Fairings
Questions about Payment and Ordering

Question : What options can I choose for payment?

Answer :
 Visa  Mastercard  Discover  American Express  eCheck
We accept credit card payment through Paypal, Tsukayu payment system, Phone order or Wire transfer. Paypal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and debit cards, you don't have to register Paypal account. If you sign up for a PayPal account, then this will link to your bank account, debit, or credit cards for payment. Bank Transfer is also accepted for some countries. Please refer to HERE.

Question : Do I need to set up an account in Paypal for ordering?
Answer :
No need.

Question : How to place order in Tsukayu Web?
Answer :
Please click “add to cart” for all items you have chosen to order. Then please click “process to checkout”, payment page will be loaded. Please refer to HERE.

Question : Do i need to pay any custom duty, tax or other extra charges rather than shipping?
Answer :
Any custom duties, taxes or international bank charges will not be included in the prices. You should be responsible for any custom duties or taxes (charged by the customs), or international bank fee (charged by your bank), depending on the policy of specific country. Tsukayu Products (Motorcycle parts and accessories) are custom free items in US, most of our customers from US will not be charged any custom duties or taxes. If you did, please contact the beneficiary for clarification or more details. 

Questions about Production Time, Shipment and Delivery
Questions : How long would it take from time of ordering to receive products? How long does it take to get color match order?

Answers :
Current production time from the date you place order is 1-3 weeks and the delivery time is 3-6 days. It needs 1-2 weeks more for color match order as we have to order paint. In Winter, we can ship within 7 days for some products.

Question : What company Tsukayu used for general shipment?
Answer :
UPS/ DHL/ FedEx/ Air parcel, Depends on countries.

Question : Does the shipping cost include?
Answer :
No, different shipping cost applies to different countries. Please refer to the product pages for more info.

Question : Can products be shipped to a PO box?
Answer :
Our products cannot be delivered to a PO box. If you submitted order(s) with a PO box address, please kindly provide us another physical shipping address by email.

Questions about Return and Warranty Policy
Question : Please tell me what your return policy is if I order some saddle bags and when I receive them, they are not what I wanted afterall?
Answer :
Please refer to HERE ("return policy" and "Warranty" part). We provide 6 months warranty period. For the defected electronic items (e.g. stereo and speakers), we offer 1 year warranty

Question : What should I do if I received damaged products?
Answer :
Please kindly send us email with pictures of the damage parts to let us have better understanding of the situation. We will get back to you with solutions or arrange to send you replacements if necessary.

Questions about Hardbags
Question : What is the distinguishing feature about Tsukayu Hard saddlebags?
Answer :
Our hard saddlebags are made of fiberglass or ABS, lockable, waterproof, removable, easily fit on most Cruisers and Touring Motorcycles and perfectly follows the contour of your motorcycle's fender. They are the best choice for customizing your ride with quality Hardbags at affordable prices. They come with Carpet Lined, upgraded latch, and all Mounting Hardware you needed for installation. Our Mounting Brackets and all other mounting hardware are made of very strong, show chrome, quality stainless steel, making Tsukayu's mounting system heavy-duty and extremely stable. Tsukayu OEM Z Mounting brackets only provide for Strong bags, Coner bags, Jumbo Strong bags and Patrol bags. Now we offer specific bags for some bikes such as RoadKing, Deluxe, Heritage, FatBob, VTX, Vstar, Roadliner, M109R, etc. Some of them are mounted with Tsukayu quick release brackets. Please click the products on the left for more details.

Question : Are Tsukayu hardbags lockable and removable?
Answer :
Yes, all of them are lockable with keys and removable. Some bags come with Tsukayu quick release brackets can be removed easily in just 2-3 seconds.

Question : How to install the saddlebags?
Answer :
For universal bags mounted with Tsukayu z brackets, please refer to HERE. (Rubber washers are no longer needed for installation.)
For bags mounted with Tsukayu quick release brackets, please refer to HERE.

Queston : How to install the Touring Trunk?
Answer :
Please refer to HERE.

Questions : Will Ghost brackets or Easy brackets work with Tsukayu hard saddlebags?
Answers :
Currently, only "Easy Strong" hard saddlebags work with Ghost brackets or Easy brackets. Please refer to HERE.

Question : What is the difference between Strong bags and Jumbo Strong bags?
Answer :
The Jumbo Strong is 2 inches wider than the Strong. They are both round shape, but Jumbo has bigger size which can store more things. The capacity for the Strong bags is 26 liters each side and Jumbo Strong bags is 40 liters each side.

Question : What is the dimensions of Tsukayu's hardbags?

Answer :
Strong/ Quick release strong: http://www.tsukayu.com/strong%27s%20dimension.htm
Jumbo Strong: http://www.tsukayu.com/jumbostrong's%20dimension.html
Coner: http://www.tsukayu.com/coner%27s%20dimension.htm
Patrol: http://www.tsukayu.com/patrol%27s%20dimension.htm
Stretched Hard Saddlebags for RoadKing: http://www.tsukayu.com/HardSaddlebagsforRoadKing's%20dimension.html

The approximate dimensions of the Sportster bags are:
Lid: 18’’ x 7.5’’
Bag: 23’’ length, 17’’ height, 8.5’’width

The approximate dimension of the Touring Trunk is : 22 " W, ~18" L , 13" H

For the dimensions of other saddlebags, please refer to their product pages, under "useful links".

Question : What is the recommended maximum load weight?
Answer :
The Suggested maximum loading of our saddlebags is 15 lbs, but the actual maximum loading is much heavier than this value, we can sit even on the bags. Our mounting bracket is probably the strongest one in the market. There is no problem for mounting the bags.

Question : Which saddlebags are side opening?
Answer :
The "Patrol" bags, Quick release bags for VTX C, Wide stretched bags for RoadKing, Quick release Wide bags for Roadliner, HD Style Quick Release bags for Sportster, Quick Release "Patrol" Hardbags specific for Heritage or Deluxe, Hardbags for FatBob, Hardbags for FatBoy. They come with Tsukayu side latches with LOCKS, which is made of solid casted zinc alloy, chrome plated and with keys

Question : Which hardbags come with the air piston lid supporter?
Answer :
The "Coner" bags, "Touring Trunk", "Hard Saddlebags for RoadKing" and "Audio Tour Packs"

Questions : Can I have the same keys for the Trunk/ Audio tour pack and the saddlebags for my order? Will they come with the same lock?
Answers :
The Trunk/ Tour packs and the saddlebags will come with the same lock and keys.

Question : All hardware is included?
Answer :
Tsukayu mounting brackets and all necessary mounting hardware will be included for most of Tsukayu bags.
For Hardbags for RoadKing, Classic hardbags for Roadliner, Hardbags for VStar, Hardbags for Heritage, HD style audio Tour Packs, they will be mounted with stock brackets (NOT included).
For "Easy Strong", Easy brackets should be ordered seperately.

Questions about Bike specific Hardbags Kit

Question : What is the different between bike specific hardbags kit and normal hardbags kit (non-bike specific)?

Answer :
The main difference is that bike specific hardbags are pre-drilled holes for mounting and ready to be installed in the bike. Bike specific bags fit with stock pipe, and will be positioned very close to the stock pipes (as close as 1cm spacing); normal bags (non-bike specific bags) can fit with aftermarket pipes, you can install the bags wherever you want. The mounting brackets and hardware are the same for bike specific bags and non-bike specific bags. If your bike model hasn't been listed in bike specific drop down list, that means bike specific hardbags kit is not available for your bike yet. Please order non-bike specific version and fill in your bike model.

Questions : Which hardbags kit should I choose? bike specific hardbags kit or normal hardbags kit (non-bike specific)?

Answers :
For bike with Stock pipes, bike specific hardbags kit is recommended; For bike with aftermarket pipes, normal hardbags kit is recommended.

Questions about Vinyl covered bags
Question : Why using Vinyl?
Answer :
Vinyl is much durable and practical than genuine leather, especially for outdoor environment. Vinyl resists all weather conditions and requires practically no maintenance.

Question : How should the vinyl covered bags be cared for?
Answer :
Normally, there is no problem when the vinyl bags get wet since it is waterproof. You may wipe the bags with dry cloth when they get wet. No maintenance is needed at all.

Question : Can the LED turn signals be installed in the vinyl covered bags?
Answer :
No, it is not yet available.

Questions about LED Turn Signals
Questions : What color is the LED in normal? Can I request another color?
Answers :
The LED is amber color in normal, but we can make them in red as per request. Please send us e-mail for special request after order is made.

Question : Can the LED lights be set as parking or brake lights as well?
Answer :
Yes. Depend on where you wire the LED to, you can connect to turn signals, parking light OR brake light (but NOT both), please refer to HERE for more information.

Question : How to connect the LED lights?
Answer :
Please refer to HERE.

Questions about Bag Guards and Luggage Racks
Question : Will the bag guards and luggage racks be pre-drilled holes or be pre-installed in the hardbags?
Answer :
No, as this allows flexibility for customer to install them wherever they like.

Question : Will necessary mounting hardware be provided?
Answer :

Questions about Color Match
Question : How much for color match?
Answer :
We provide one tone color match service. For saddlebags, one part color matching price is US$350 and two part color matching price is US$450; For fairing, color matching price is US$450.

Question : Can you paint two tone colors?
Answer :
No. You are suggested to order the saddlebags or fairings in primer and then color match at your side.

Question : What mean by "one part" or "two part" color?
Answer :
One part color needs top coat. Two part color means those colors need top and base coat.

Question : How can I know the paint code?
Answer :
Please check the color-rite paint code from HERE.

Question : Does the color match price for fairing (US$450) include inner and outer fairing?
Answer :

Questions about Quick Detachable Tsukayu Fairings

Queston : What material is the Batwing fairings made of ?
Answers :
hand laid figerglass or ABS, much stronger than fiberglass made with chopper gun

Question : What is the difference between all Tsukayu fairings?

Answer :
Batwing 6x9 fairing, Classic fairing, GPS fairing, Plain fairing, Double Boox fairing and Boox One fairing fits many crusiers with 8" headlight, they have the same outer size but different in inner design, materials, stereo and storage options. Plain fairing has no Stereo system (Some bikes can only be installed plain fairing. Please refer to below application guides). GPS fairing comes with GPS stereo and 6"x9" speakers. 6x9 and Classic fairings come with the same standard CD players, only different in the speakers.
Double Boox, Boox One, Choppa and Plain fairings are one piece fairing and made in ABS. Double boox and Boox one storage fairings come with storage, amplifier, bluetooth handlebar control and 6"x9" speakers. Boox one GPS fairing has GPS stereo installed.
Small batwing fairing fits bikes with small headlight (around 6") and custom bikes, it has option on 6"x9" or 6.5" speakers. Choppa fairing fits choppers and custom bikes. M109 fairing and Fatbob fairing are specific fairings designed for M109R and Fatbob.

Please refer to below links for model compatibility:

GPS fairing: "Model compatibility for GPS Fairing"

6x9, Classic and Plain fairings: "Model compatibility"

Double Boox fairing: ""Model compatibility for Double Boox Batwing Fairing"

Boox One fairing: ""Model compatibility for Boox One Batwing Fairing"

Small fairing: "Model compatibility for Small Batwing Fairing"

Choppa fairing: ""Model compatibility for Choppa Fairing"

Queston : Do the Batwing fairings fit only Harley bikes?
Answer :
No, they fit other metric bikes as well. Please refer to the model compatibility lists of different fairings.

Question : Do the mounting brackets and hardware include?
Answer :
Yes, Tsukayu will provide all necessary brackets and hardware for mounting. Please refer to the model compatibility lists of different fairings.

Queston : What is covered and exposed forks?
Answers :
Exposed forks mean forks without covers, like vtx1300C and 1800R. Covered forks means forks with covers. Please refer to HERE.

Queston : Where is the antenna?
Answers :
It is already built inside the fairings.

Questions : Can I play my i-Pod or MP3 players?
Answers :
Yes, you can plug your i-Pod, MP3 players, or many other music sources to the AUX input.

Queston : Will the radio draw power when the bike is parked?

Answers :
No, if all wires have been connected according to Tsukayu fairing installation guide. Please make sure everything is turned off when the bike is parked.

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