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Batwing Fairings
Batwing 6x9 Fairing &
Classic Fairing

Double Boox Fairing
(Storage+Amp) $709

Batwing GPS Fairing
(GPS stereo)

Choppa Fairing
(for Fury, Choppers,
custom bikes)

M109R Fairing

Boox One Fairing
(GPS/ Storage) $679

Small Batwing Fairing
(for small headlight)

Small Boox Fairing
(for small headlight, Storage) $499

Batwing Plain Fairing (Storage)

Fat Bob Fairing

Hard Saddlebags

Hardbags for Indian Scout Coming Soon!

"Strong" Hardbags $499
Hardbags for VTX $529
"Jumbo Strong" Hardbags
"Patrol" Hardbags $475
Hardbags for Fury
Hardbags for M109R
Hardbags for Fat Bob
Hardbags for Roadliner
"Short Strong" Hardbags $449
"Coner" Hardbags
"Easy Strong" Hardbags
Hardbags for Softail Deluxe
Hardbags for Fat Boy
Hardbags for RoadKing
Hardbags for Sportster

Hardbags for Yamaha VStar/ Roadstar

Hardbags for Softail Heritage
Tour Packs  
Touring Trunk
HD Style Tour Pack with audio system
Audio Tour Pack for Metric
Vinyl Covered Bags

Vinyl Covered Hardbags and Trunk

For Fairings
For Hardbags

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Launching an exciting new release Tsukayu Product - Hardbags for Indian Scout!
Click here for details.
Quick Detachable Choppa Fairing for Choppers, Honda Fury and custom bikes

Original starting at US$1539/ set
NOW starting at
US$719/ set, one piece fairing with build-in Powerful Amplifier, Bluetooth Handlebar Remote and 6.5" Waterproof Speakers
Tsukayu Hardware Included

Tsukayu Choppa Fairing is specifically designed for choppers and custom motorcycles with long headlight, high headlight position. It is designed to keep laying low on the bike that means it will not add too much height to the front-end, and with it's streamlined, perfect aerodynamics design, the chopper style of your bike will be maintained. Plus you may enjoy quality and powerful music provided by the built-in Class-D powerful amplifier, handlebar remote control with Bluetooth and quality speakers. Choppa fairing can be mounted at various angle and position with custom made Tsukayu quick release brackets, you may send us photos and measurements of your custom bike according to our instructions so we will make sure the fairing will be mounted at the perfect position and angle on your bike. Tsukayu Choppa Fairing is manufactured by precision CNC molding, outer and inner fairing are made in one piece, which reveals the level of workmanship of this art piece. Material is ABS plastic with 3/8 inch average thickness!! With Tsukayu Bluetooth handlebar remote control v6.0, you can play music with your thumb easily and conveniently. It works with any music player with stereo bluetooth fuction, like iphone (including iphone, ipad, samsung galaxies, etc); or works with any devices with headphone output (Limited function).

Please refer to "Model compatibility for Choppa Fairing" page for application guide

*FREE Offer for ordering Choppa Fairing:
- FREE Tsukayu mounting brackets and other miscellaneous hardware
- FREE Handlebar remote control v6.0 with Bluetooth (pre-installed)
- FREE Class-D powerful amplifier (pre-installed)
FREE 12 Volt Plug (pre-installed)
- FREE AUX cable

Useful Link:
Model Compatibility for Choppa Fairing

Dimension of "Choppa Fairing"

Installation guide for Choppa Fairing
Click for Photo Gallery
Find Videos with Tsukayu products

Features of the Fairing:      
1) ABS version:
- Precision CNC molding
- Super thick Industrial grade ABS material, guarantee as strong as fiberglass version
- Perfect aerodynamics
2) Quick Detachable
Attach and detach in seconds
- available for all available bikes
- Reliable mounting system: very strong, polished, corrosion-free stainless steel mounting brackets

Fit on Choppers, Honda Fury and custom bikes.
See Model Compatibility (Click here)

3) Metal thead embedded in ABS
- There are 6 metal theads for mounting brackets (M8 size, 3 for each side) which are embeded into ABS. Much more secure than using nuts and make it easier for periocally check.
4) Wiring Harness (Click here)
Water proof connector, fused wiring harness
5) Outer and inner fairing made in ONE PIECE
- Smooth and completely new design
- reveals the level of workmanship of this art piece

6) Bluetooth Handlebar remote control v6.0 (Click here)
-works with any music player with stereo Bluetooth fuction, or works with any devices with headphone output (Limited function).
- Waterproof rain cover is included

7) Tsukayu 320Watt powerful amplifier - 2D39 (Click here) (Apr 2022)
- Comes with the fairing
8) Tsukayu powerful 6.5" waterproof speakers (click here)
- 100W RMS / 200W Peak power each
20 oz strong Magnet each
- Waterproof
9) 12 Volt Plug
- built inside the upper compartment, for charging your cellphone, music player, etc.
10) Wind and weather protection - Make long trip an easy task with protection from weather
11) Real ready to paint - primed, compatible with all types of paint, smooth finish without fiber strand print-through
12) Factory Color Matching (Optional)- Match factory color at low cost (single tone only)

Choppa Fairing with Amp, Bluetooth Remote and Tsukayu 6.5" Waterproof Speakers,
Starting at US$719
(Original US$1539)
Please refer to "Model compatibility for Choppa Fairing" page for application guide

-FREE Tsukayu mounting brackets and other miscellaneous hardware
-FREE Handlebar remote control v6.0 with Bluetooth (pre-installed)
-FREE Built-in Tsukayu 320Watt powerful amplifier (pre-installed)
-FREE 12 volt plug preinstalled
-FREE AUX cable
-preinstalled Tsukayu 6.5" waterproof speakers
-preinstalled wiring harness and connectors
-ABS version, detachable one piece fairing

Factory color matching, Ready to paint + US$450 (single tone, painted inner and outer fairings)
Color Rite Paint Code ( Top and Base paint if applicable)
Check Color-Rite Paint Code
Check Color-Rite
paint code
*Only signal tone color-matching is available
*Two Part Color means those colors need top and base coat
*color-match order must be accompanied with a primed (Ready to Paint) item.
*Each color-matching is for one fairing only. If you order two fairings, you have to order two color-matchings.
*Perfect-match is not guaranteed
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