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Batwing Fairings
Batwing 6x9 Fairing &
Classic Fairing
Double Boox Fairing
(Storage+Amp) $599
Batwing GPS Fairing
(GPS stereo)
Small Batwing Fairing
(for small headlight)
Boox One Fairing
(Stereo/ Storage) $599
Batwing Plain Fairing (Storage)
Choppa Fairing
(for Fury, Choppers,
custom bikes)
M109R Fairing
Fat Bob Fairing
Hard Saddlebags
"Strong" Hardbags $399
Hardbags for Honda VTX
"Jumbo Strong" Hardbags $449
"Patrol" Hardbags $425
Hardbags for M109R
Hardbags for Fat Bob
Hardbags for Roadliner
"Short Strong" Hardbags $399
"Coner" Hardbags
"Easy Strong" Hardbags
Hardbags for Fury
Hardbags for Softail Deluxe
Hardbags for RoadKing
Hardbags for Sportster

Hardbags for Yamaha VStar/ Roadstar

Hardbags for Softail Heritage
Hardbags for Fat Boy
Tour Packs  
Touring Trunk
HD Style Tour Pack with audio system
Audio Tour Pack for Metric
Vinyl Covered Bags

Vinyl Covered Hardbags and Trunk

Accessories for Fairings
Accessories for Hardbags

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Photo Gallery of Coner Hardbags

Harley Davidson Honda Yamaha Suzuki
  Kawasaki Others    

Harley Davidson      
Softail Deluxe: Softail Deluxe
(with Double Boox Fairing)
Softail Deluxe

VTX 1300: Honda VTX 1300R
(with Boox One GPS Fairing)
Honda VTX 1300R
  Honda VTX 1300S
(Leathered Coner with Leathered Trunk)
Honda VTX 1300R
(with Fairing, luggage racks and bag guards)
VTX 1800: Honda VTX 1800R Honda VTX 1800S
  Honda VTX 1800S Honda VTX 1800C
(with Double Boox Fairing)
  Honda VTX 1800C Honda VTX 1800C
(With 6x9 Fairing)
  Honda VTX 1800C    
Shadow: Honda Shadow ACE Honda Shadow Aero VT750C
(with LED)

VStar: Yamaha VStar 1300 Yamaha Vstar1300
  Yamaha Vstar 1300 Yamaha V Star 1100
  Yamaha Vstar1100
(With Small Fairing)
Yamaha Vstar 1100
  Yamaha V-star1100
(with Luggage Racks)
Royal Star: Yamaha Royal Star
(with Luggage Racks)
Yamaha Royal Star
Roadliner: Yamaha Roadliner
(Bike specific)
Raider: Yamaha Raider
(Leathered Coner)
Yamaha Raider
(with 6x9 Fairing)
  Yamaha Raider Yamaha Raider
Roadstar: Yamaha Roadstar Midnight
(with 6x9 Fairing)
Yamaha Roadstar
  Yamaha Roadstar
(with Luggage Racks)

Volusia 800: Suzuki Volusia 800
(with Bike Specific and Trunk)
Suzuki Volusia 800
  Suzuki Volusia 800 Suzuki Volusia 800
  Susuki Volusia 800    
Intruder: Suzuki Intruder 1400
(with LED and Small Fairing)
Suzuki Intruder 1500
M50: Suzuki M50
(with 6x9 Fairing)
Suzuki M50
(with Bike Specific
and LED)

Vulcan 2000: Kawasaki VN2000 Kawasiki VN2000
  Kawasiki VN2000    
Vulcan 1600: Kawasaki VN1600 Classic
(with Gps Fairing)
Kawasaki VN1600 Classic
Vulcan 1500: Kawasaki Vulcan 1500    
Vulcan 900: Kawasaki VN900 Custom    

More pictures of Coner bags with LED turn signals:
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