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Batwing Fairings
Batwing 6x9 Fairing &
Classic Fairing

Double Boox Fairing
(Storage+Amp) $709

Batwing GPS Fairing
(GPS stereo)

Choppa Fairing
(for Fury, Choppers,
custom bikes)

M109R Fairing

Boox One Fairing
(GPS/ Storage) $679

Small Batwing Fairing
(for small headlight)

Small Boox Fairing
(for small headlight, Storage) $499

Batwing Plain Fairing (Storage)

Fat Bob Fairing

Hard Saddlebags

Hardbags for Indian Scout Coming Soon!

"Strong" Hardbags $499
Hardbags for VTX $529
"Jumbo Strong" Hardbags
"Patrol" Hardbags $475
Hardbags for Fury
Hardbags for M109R
Hardbags for Fat Bob
Hardbags for Roadliner
"Short Strong" Hardbags $449
"Coner" Hardbags
"Easy Strong" Hardbags
Hardbags for Softail Deluxe
Hardbags for Fat Boy
Hardbags for RoadKing
Hardbags for Sportster

Hardbags for Yamaha VStar/ Roadstar

Hardbags for Softail Heritage
Tour Packs  
Touring Trunk
HD Style Tour Pack with audio system
Audio Tour Pack for Metric
Vinyl Covered Bags

Vinyl Covered Hardbags and Trunk

For Fairings
For Hardbags

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Customers' testimonials for Tsukayu products  

Firstly, all of us at Tsukayu want to take the time to thank each and every one of our customers who are interested or have already purchased our products. We always maintain and improve the quality of our products to make your purchase satisfactorily.
To let you find out more about Tsukayu products and services, we have our customers' voice here for your reference:

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"Just wanted to say what great experiences ive had dealing with your company. Your customer service is great, and I'm extremely pleased with your products. I've had a few Honda goldwings with the OEM honda fairings and bags and your products exceed the quality of those oem products."

  May, 2021
~~James Jensen, from Alberta, Canada  

"Hello Tsukayu
Happily I am able to tell you that I managed to mount Tsukayu plain fairing which I received from you yesterday.
It was not as difficult to mount as I had thought.I'm very pleased with the fairing. Attached you will find some photos on my Yamaha Wildstar 1999 with the new fairing."

  May, 2021
~~Hannu Rinne, from Finland  

I have just received your voice mail that was left last week.  At work I have absolutely no service and sometimes voice mail take days to reach my phone no clue why but they do.
I am no longer concerned.  What really made me concerned was my PayPal statement I received just before my second email didn't show my purchase hence why I reach out again with concern.
I have checked my spam folder and behold all emails from you go there even the reply to my email to you.  I have the order confirmation and everything.  I am part of a group on FB and have seen your products on my bike specifically and I am beyond excited that my fairing and tour pack is almost complete.
If you have a survey or something customers can fill out on customer service please send me as I would like to give your customers service a great review as I have received excellent service.
Thank you for your time."

  May, 2021
~~Joshua Tatgenhorst, from Michigan, US  

"Hi I got my bags today. Wow wow wow love them and very easy to install. Was looking at your top box (beer box) but in my opion it looks to big for the size of the bags. Just my opion."

  Nov, 2020
~~Princie, from Ontario, Canada  

"I want to commend you for producing a very high quality product.
I have to admit that I was hesitant to buy due to the price point compared to other fairings I was seeing.
However, once I opened the box and saw how stout the fairing was I was impressed. Quality work, fit, and finish. And the mounting brackets as well. The brackets were easily twice as thick as the ones I removed from the bike. And the plating was frosting on the cake."

  Sep, 2020
~~John, from New York, US  

"Thank you so much for your prompt reply.
I really appreciate your efforts in this request.
 I would like to say reiterate, that your company has been awesome to deal with!!
I will be dealing with you in the future. 
Thanks again."

  Aug, 2019
~~John Langer, from Canada  

"I received the order much sooner than I expected and a Big THANK YOU for the fast handling of my order. Everything arrived in perfect condition (well protected in sturdy boxes).
As promised, I hereby send you some pictures after installation of the plain Batwing fairing and the pair of hard cases. Everything went on very easy with plenty of hardware to fix it.
Needles to say that I am very, very pleased with my purchase and a big thank you to all of you at Tsukayu!!!"

  Jul, 2019
~~Jeroen ten Bosch, from Belgium  

"Hi Jason, hereby some pics to show my bike.
Yamaha Roadliner M (2006) with double Boox and quick release wide hard bags and a touring trunk all in gelcoat black.
I really like them, all, everything. The bags are very stable and very big. They provide a lot of storage, just what I need for camping trips. Easy to take off for cleaning and they don't make the bike swing at high speeds.
The trunk truly fits two helmets, no more walking around with my helmet, very comfortable.
The Boox is very handy for charging GPS and Phone, the amplifier is loud enough (highway proof), the fairing does what it should! ( I ordered the 10" windscreen, a lower visor caused turbulence around my head, I'm 188cm tall) It all fitted perfect and looks beautifull…really recommended, as the one-piece-shape is unique, much more than just a plastic shell, I love the finishing quality. And off course I love your competative pricing."

  Mar, 2019
~~Louis Breteler, from Netherlands  

"Quick note to say a big thank you, fairing has arrived and looks great. The internal phone pocket behind the top door is broken but easily fixed. Just need the time to fit it up and the snow to go so I can go for a ride....
Happy to recommend if anyone in the UK wants a referance.
Good stuff, now I will start saving for the panniers :)"

  Jan, 2019
~~Jez Wilson, from United Kingdom  

"I Received my Order...
and I am very happy with the product and how fast you communicate and delivered the Wing..."

  Dec, 2018
~~Thilo Bohmerle, from Germany  

"First I would like to thank you and your team for a great product. And for resolving my issue with great customer support. Since the minor issues were taken care I have al kinds of compliments on your product. I always mention your website and your quality team and how well this customer was treated. Hats off to you guys and keep thrown out those new products..."

  Dec, 2018
~~Tony Velasquez, from Texas, US  

"Jason I want to thank you for your help and getting a replacement in a timely manner I received my new fairing today and it looks perfect your company is amazing company to work with your customer service is outstanding and I will be Recommending your fairings to all of my friends that may want to install one thank you again"

  Sep, 2018
~~Howard Thorn, from Maryland, US  

"Just wanted to pen a letter of Thanks.
Posted from Hong Kong on Monday and Received my Batwing Friday lunch and could not wait to get home and start to fit it. Cannot fail the postage and information from FedEx.
Fitting as you state is simple and quick and Iam over the moon and well impressed with it.
It compliments the Dyna Switchback as you can see from the picture and has far superior wind displacement than the screen I had fitted.
I would also like to thank You for going the extra mile for me regards to price for importation charges and I have started showing on Facebook and help generate sales for you"

  Sep, 2018
~~Chris Thomas, from Lancashire, United Kingdom  

"Jason I want to thank you for your help and getting a replacement in a timely manner I received my new fairing today and it looks perfect your company is amazing company to work with your customer service is outstanding and I will be Recommending your fairings to all of my friends that may want to install one thank you again"

  Sep, 2018
~~Howard Thorn, from Maryland, US  

Je voudrais vous remercie j ai bien recu le batwing il ai vraiment super je vais le monte sur mon road king et je vous posterais Des photos
Merci beaucoup”

I would like to thank you I received the batwing he really great I'm going on my road king and I will post you Pictures
thank you very much"

  Jul, 2018
~~Jean marie kernevel, from dammarie les lys, France  

“Hello, first off I would like to say thank you for providing such an awesome product! The fairing is flawless and fits the bike perfectly. I have put several hundred miles on the bike this week and it has brought my enjoyment to a level I never experienced before. I have shown the fairing to my bike riding friends and they are all envious of it and have started the research to purchase their own. A job well done!”

  Jul, 2018
~~Stephen Mercer, from Newfoundland, Canada  

“I just want to thank you guys for helping with this and it means a lot to me. You earned a customer for life here. I already recommended this exact same batwing fairing to my buddy, who also has a Raider.”

  Jun, 2018
~~Anthony Franchitti, from Colorado, US  

“Dear sirs. I received my shipment today. The fairing was installed and wired within a half hr. Very easy installation. I must say the wait was worth it. 7 weeks. The attention to detail on your product was well worth the wait and your prices are more than reasonable. And this stereo kicks ass. I will be ordering the touring pack in the fall for the bike and all will now get all new paint including tins with custom work. You will be recommended highly. Thank you again for great service. Responsive emails and a fantastic product. Walter”

  Jun, 2018
~~Walter, from New York, US  

“Thank you very much Jason for your response and your help in the matter it is much appreciated. The fairing that is produced is a piece of art the quality has far exceeded my expectations. I do have to say the same for the customer service that you have provided me. Thank you again for your help.”

  May, 2018
~~Bill Macak, from Illinois, US  

“I received this item and wanted to say how impressed I am with the quality. The workmanship is great and the sound system is superior. I am very happy with this purchase and wanted to give you this feedback. I do have a couple comments for what it's worth.

Thanks again and I would definitely recommend this product to others.”

  May, 2018
~~alex winiecke, from Oklahoma, US  

“Good morning
A few weeks back I placed and order for a fairing with Bluetooth.
I Received the the fairing in very good condition and packed to perfection .
Un packed it and install on my bike.
It fit almost perfect. a few small adjustments and Im almost ready to go.
After getting the Bluetooth set up i found the volume control did not work
I was, to say least disappointed . the tsukayu team had provided a lot of info
including good contact info.
I called the phone number provided and to my surprise a real person answered in only 4 rings
He was very friendly and willing to help, which eased my frustration
I explained the problem and he stated no problem we will send you a new blue tooth .
Great: A few days later it arrived I installed it .and disappointment again this one would not blue tooth sync
Trying 2 different phones with no luck it worked fine with a plugged in MP3 player ( Volume control) .
So I called again and again 3 rings the same man answered and was helpful with trouble shooting but with no change.
He stated he needed to contact the manufacture and would call me back!

Well , i figured I would never hear back and i was screwed.
Again much to my surprise, a few days later i received a call from the same man, and he stated the manufacture will be testing a device and shipping it out in a few days.
WOW, i did not expect, and have never received such customer service ever.
It arrived and am happy to say it it working fine.
I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for your GREAT customer care and am telling everyone about the way you folks took care of me. again Thank you”

  May, 2018
~~Wayne Geer, from Connecticut, US  

“I finally have my strongs on my bike and they look excellent, the color match was perfect. I have the quick release with vance and hines powershots they did clear the exhaust. Thinking of buying the color matched fairing next and ypu gentleman can help me by refunding $50 for me submitting my pictures.”

  May, 2018
~~Arnold Anderson, from Michigan, US  

“I would like to thank you very much for your kind support. If I will rebuild other motorcycles, I would like to apply to you.
If it is possible send me a catalog with your products. Thank you very much for the work together. With kind regards Zelmayer”

  May, 2018
~~Zelmayer Thomas, from Haidmuhle, Germany  

“Thank you very much, and I look forward to hearing from you. I appreciate the level of customer service you have shown me....
I received the fairing and had it painted and installed, My only complaint is that the inserts that go between the fork and clamps will not fit due to the diameter of my forks will not allow the inserts to fit properly, other than that everything looks, sounds, and operates beautifully. Thank you guys for the consideration and care you gave me for the fairing. I ride very frequently and am a veteran so having the fairing makes the ride so much more enjoyable not battling wind and dodging bugs/debris. Thank you again.”

  May, 2018
~~David J. Merrill, from Florida, US  

“I've already highly recommended you and your company along with your product and the website and which I got it from the many people. Have a great day and thank you again”

  Mar, 2018
~~Matthew Eggett, from Utah, US  

“Good morning. I wanted to thank you again for the care and commitment to make sure the stereo and amp I have are working properly. What a great ride we had after you took the time from your busy schedule at the Daytona bike week event. You will always have my business, and referral of future customers. ”

  Mar, 2018
~~Gary Theel, from Floria, US  

“Thanks again for your help.
Dealing with Tsukayu has been seamless. And the customer service has been excellent.
I look forward to receiving the saddlebags.”

  Jan, 2018
~~Paul Rutkovski, from Floria, US  

“I have just spent the afternoon installing a pair of your Jumbo Strong Hard bags in the painted ABS palstic on my 2017 Victory Vegas 8-ball and just want to say that these are the best accessory that I have added to it so far. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the bags and with the included mounting hardware supplied.
They definitely add to my bike and it's looking better than ever.
Thank you and please fell free to use these photos if you want.”

  Dec, 2017
~~David J Porter, from Canterbury, New Zealand  

“Just wanted to say thank you for your help and excellent customer service. The brackets arrived yesterday. I do have a question for you. Can you email me the directions for the install process? When I originally got the fairing, your rep did the install and I did not see how it was done. When I removed the fairing, I took off everything and it would make the install much easier and quicker. Also, I noticed on the brackets there is a metal wire clip on each one. My old brackets did not have this and I am sure the directions will explain this. Again, many thanks for your help! I look forward to doing the install as soon as possible. I would also like to send you some pics of the fairing on my bike when complete.”

  Sep, 2017
~~George Burke, from New Mexico, US  

“I just wanted to let you know that I finally had the fairing painted and installed it last week. I love it. Very well built, the sound system is better than I even expected, and everything fit perfectly. Thank you very much! It completely changed my bike and my riding experience.
Just thought you should know. Great job!”

  Sep, 2017
~~Chris P Peters, from Nebraska, US  

“Good Evening,
I just wanted to let you know, the hard bags I ordered are above what I expected! I'm so glad I did my research and found your company.  If possible, I'd like to send a picture of the bike with the bags if you guys are still offering the rebate for those individuals that send in a picture.
A Happy Customer, ”

  Jun, 2017
~~Brant Perry, Hawaii, US  

“I just wanted to let you know this company is a great company, have worked with me well and been very responsive and very helpful! I was unaware of the Bluetooth feature and yes it works as it should as far as connecting and controls. I viewed a picture on your site and I think I'm missing the tip to the thumb knob,  I can attach an image here after work thanks. I'm very happy to have purchased this product.”

  May, 2017
~~Joshua Arthur, Indiana, US  

“I would be very happy if you put my bike on your website so everyone can see how awesome your fairing looks and fits on my heritage softail.”

  May, 2017
~~Dennis Marineau, Ontario, Canada  

“I received the fairing with the amplifier and handle bar control installed it and I am very happy with the look and the sound. Well worth the money spent. I will recommend you to everyone.
Thank you.”

  May, 2017
~~Jack Scott, Arkansas, US  

“ I think the quality of the Batwing is very good, i like it very much,
i haven’t seen another one of these. (and thats why i ordered it)
Thank you very much, i will advertise for you! also with the resellers i know.”

  May, 2017
~~Jack van der Wolde, Netherlands  

“Je viens de recevoir mon fairing avec GPS gel coat noir.
3 semaines entre la commande par internet et la réception.
Tout est super bien emballé et protégé.
Le fairing est superbe et j’ai hâte de l’installer sur mon Stratoliner noir 2012.
Vraiment, tout est impeccable.
Au dela de mes attentes.

I have just received my new fairing black gelcoat with GPS.
Everiting is absolutely perfect.
3 weeks after ordering.
The fairing is at my home.
Very beautifull.
I am very satisfy with everiting.”

  Apr, 2017
~~Claude Accolas, Québec, Canada  

“Good Evening
I received my Fairing in Great shape and in a timely fashion
the construction is Grade A and install is a piece of cake
I figured I would send you a couple of Pictures I am looking forward to ordering more products from Tsukayu.”

  Apr, 2017
~~Paul Bradley, Alabama, US  

“I just wanted to comment on the Batwing GPS Stereo fairing I purchased this past winter. It was very easy to install as I am not a technician and I found it very easy to follow the directions and as well the You Tube videos were very helpful. The fit on my 2009 Road King is absolutely perfect, couldn’t ask for a better fit around the headlight nacelle. I had it painted locally and even the painter commented on the fit and finish being very good. The stereo is more than loud enough for me, I haven’t hooked up the GPS yet but will be doing shortly and the controls mounted next to my
clutch are a great way to go as it makes it so easy to adjust volume or tracks of music. A few friends have seen it now and all are asking where and what brand and I am very pleased with the service, quality and performance so far. I am looking forward to the 2017 riding season with the new fairing.”

  Apr, 2017
~~Bill Broadfoot, Abbotsford, Canada  

Just wanted to say thank you for building a great fairing! Best part of my bike, worth the wait!
And worth every penny!”

  Apr, 2017
~~Gordon L Beach, New York, US  

I wanted to make sure and respond to say that we received both items over the weekend! My husband is one happy camper!! We will post pictures of our bike on your website so everyone can see how AMAZING it looks!
I sincerely appreciate your prompt responses. The fairing and hard bags look like they came with the bike and we couldn't be happier.
Thank you so much!!!”

  Apr, 2017
~~Kristen York, Oklahoma, US  

“Hi! Mr. Queenie. I'm MoRaul Tirado one of your happy customers who bought a pair of your beautiful Motocycle bags. I will like to let you know that Mr. Jason one of your employees assist me when I call for the first time to get all of the information about the bags and because his great dedication and professionalism to his job make me feel like I was doing the business around my corner and make me feel secure and very confident to do business in your company and that kind of customer service that Mr. Jason gave me not only make me do business with your company but also gave me happiness all the way to open my box with the very strong and beautiful bags for my motorcycle, because today January 19, 2017 got my bags and without any problems and all of this because the very professional customer service tha Mr. Jason is offering to his customers.

  Jan, 2017

“Thank you very much Jason. I would say that your service thus far is outstanding and will not hesitate to recommend your products.”

  Jan, 2017
~~Richard Pellerin, Quebec, Canada  

“Hi Tsukayu Team. My Double Boox Batwing fairing arrived this morning, which is super fast from HK. I only ordered it on the 9th Jan and it arrives on the 16th, fantastic speed. It is exactly as ordered and is a really good quality product. I just have to wire it up and its done. Thank you for the safe and speedy delivery.”

  Jan, 2017
~~John Mackfall, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom  

“Dear friends, Happy New Year! With great joy to inform you that I drive my bike to the first snow fell. I am so pleased by your wing, I thought: "Is not I sell these products in my country?". Please answer me what conditions must comply with your agent to make distribution? Thank you in advance!”

  Jan, 2017
~~Dimitar Kolarov, Bulgaria  

“Hi there; wanted to say thank you for the great service with your product's, I am very happy with them and have recommended them to many friends.  I was wondering if you would sell one of the Teac GPS head units on its own, I love it on my motorcycle and would like to get the same unit for my car, and haven't had any luck finding one ??  If so how much.  Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas to you all.”

  Dec, 2016
~~John Reitzel, Ontario, Canada  

“Please find attached photos of my 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50
Thank you so much. Shipping was a lot faster than I expected to Australia. It arrived packed very safe & secure. Everything was complete. Fitting the Brackets to my bike was not to difficult. Had to take my head lamp and light bar out of the way just so I could get tools in to tighting lower bolts. Electical wiring was not to difficult if you have a bit experience. Speakers are loud But just sound very boxie. Im going to try some sound insulation in behind the speakers to see if that helps. Blue tooth was eazy to conect. Only I have to open blue tooth on my iPhone and press connect every time I start the bike. Clocked up 150km in the first two afternnons of installing and feel very comfotable behind it. I get some buffering at 120+ kmh (I expected it and will get lower fork deflectors). At 90kmh it feels like you are getting pulled forward like in a vacuum. Doesnt feel like the bike is putting any effort into what it has to do. A great feeling.
A lot Heavier than I expected. Parcel weight 17kg Possable 1kg of that is packaging.
All & all im very happy
I thank you very much for A good looking functional well working Product.”

  Nov, 2016
~~Kelvin McCloud, Canberra, Australia  

“My name is Michael Mullinax and I purchased a batwing 6x9 fairing for my 2009 raider and I just wanted u to know how satisfied I am , the finish is perfect and it only took minutes to install , the CD player never skips on rough roads and it is winter here so if there is not snow or ice I'm riding. I really can't express my satisfaction with ur company and products. Everything you said was true from time of delivery to fit and finish, so I thank you and I an telling everyone i see about ur company . This will  be the first of many products I will purchase from you.”

  Nov, 2016
~~Mike Mullinax, Indiana, US  

“I just received the Fairing yesterday that I ordered. It was delivered a day earlier than predicted. It was undamaged and packed very well. I am very pleased with the looks and functionality. I sent a few pics . I have it mounted on my bike. (Yamaha V star 1100 Silverado 2003). I just couldn't beat the price. Just right for someone that is on a tight budget. Thank you all very much for a splendid product.”

  Sep, 2016
~~Bob Horne, Oklahoma, US  

I just got Handlebar Remote Control and I am very happy to see that there was a correction of peak. Thank you for your excellent service. I mention that this is my 2nd home fairing and I recommend it to my friends and entourage. I've already sent your information to motorcyclists in Quebec.
Thank you for your service quality ”

  Sep, 2016
~~Conrad Plouffe, Quebec, Canada  

“Thank you so very much for your response to my questions. I am very pleased thus far as both of your suggestions have panned out. The blue leads from the rear of the radio, when connected to my powered sub woofer work great! I checked out the Youtube video on sinking my handlebar control and it too has worked out great for me as well. Thank you for a good product and even more so, your continued tech help as I go along. I am a very pleased customer with your product. Keep up the good work.
Thanks again,”

  Sep, 2016
~~John Vojtas, Pennsylvania, US  

“...I just wanted to say thank you for the panniers they are as good as I expected. Also your delivery to me was also fast.
So once again thank you and I will be using you in the future if you have something I need”

  Aug, 2016
~~Stephen Schenk, from United Kingdom  

“Sorry for the delay but I was on a 3600 mi trip to Nova Scotia and the new bracket was waiting when I got back. I did install the bracket and was able to test it out last weekend on a ride. The fit is perfect and the decrease in noise and wind buffeting was also very noticeable. The fairing now fits tightly to the headlight which also changed the angle of the fairing which helps block the wind. Please see the pictures below, I will send some more when I get a chance. Please thank everyone involved in making this happen.
A very happy customer.....”

  Aug, 2016
~~Frank Loch, Kentucky, US  

“As the Security Officer for my chapter of BACA (Bikers Against Child Abuse) I am responsible for protecting abused children on their way to court. A couple of weeks ago, I wrote to you to ask if the fairing for my bike would be arriving in time for me to ride with one of these children next weekend. You all came through and it arrived ahead of even what I had hoped for. Thank you for a great product and for getting it here in time to help our children. You guys rock!”

  Aug, 2016
~~Christopher Smith, from Kansas, US  

“I thought I would share a few pictures of my 2008 kawasaki vulcan nomad 1600 after installation of your gps fairing, audio tour pak, and jumbo strong saddlebags. I love them, they are great! I also have recommended your company to several friends who want to upgrade their bikes, and love the looks of mine. Ive gotten alot of compliments on it. Just wanted to let you guys know what a great job you're doing on your products!”

  Jul, 2016
~~Melvin Toman, from Virginia, US   

“I received my parts today. Thank you so much. You really stand behind your product. I am so happy I decided to go with your hardbags and fairing. I am impressed with the work you do. These are high quality products. The bike took a hard spill and not a crack in them at all. Even the latch on lid was shear off but not a mark on the fibreglass. Again thank you very much. I will be sending people your way.”

  Jul, 2016
~~Glenda Larocque, from British Columbia, Canada  

“Received my fairing yesterday  and installed it in less than two hours. Everything fit perfectly. Your product is one of the best aftermarket products that I've purchased. The sound quality and bluetooth functionality are great. The one piece construction is high quality.
It was definitely worth the wait.”

  Jul, 2016
~~Terry Greer, from Florida, US  

“Thank you for sending the Bluetooth. This one does works.  Now that I have everything working, want to tell you that I do like it very much.  Even do it took to long,  I'm happy with you product, and I will recommended to all my bikers friends.”

  Jun, 2016
~~Carlos Alvarez, from Alberta, Canada  

“I'd mentioned that I had recommended Tsukayu to a few friends for fairings and bags. The latest got his fairing this week. HOWEVER, upon attempting to install it the system wouldn't work, even after attempting to run it off the connection from my bike. 
That evening he sent an email to Tsukayu (I called, but it went straight to Voicemail), which was responded to in the wee hours of the morning. The prompt response was/is well appreciated. The next evening, with a little extra guidance and clarification from our own electronics guru, we were able to pinpoint the problem, rectify it, and fire up the tunes. Amazing how important a tiny fuse is to the whole system. 

I was beginning to feel a little let down by Tsukayu, since I've been involved in 4 other installs of Tsukayu Fairings, and they all were quite simple and direct to install - VTX, V-Star, Intruder, and, my Baby The BEAST, M109. But the quick response to the email, the prompt delivery of the fairing, and, of course, quality of the product (once we got it to work) makes for pleased Biker Boyz

Thanks again for the quick response and answers to rectify situation. Now we are looking forward to our hard bags arriving - he has a set of black Strong Bags coming, and I have the candy dark cherry red M109 bags on expedited order.”
  Jun, 2016
~~Terrance Morris, from Dist. of Columbia, US  

“I recently received my batwing fairing from Tsukayu. I have had it on my bike now for around a month. I'll tell u I couldn't be happier with this product. Ally friends are asking about and I have no problem telling everyone were it came from and have nothing bad to say! I am going be purchasing some hard bag's in the future, and will be getting it from Tsukayu. Also will be rec amending you to all my biker friends.     Thanks”

  Jun, 2016
~~Ben Thompson, from South Carolina, US  

“Just thought I would send you some pics of the strong bags you recently sent me for my V-Star 1300. The color match is about perfect! The bags look great and give me functionality I did not have before. Thanks, and feel free to use the pics if you like.”

  Mar, 2016
~~Andy Pitts, from Virginia, US  

“I am very happy that you have responded to my email, and truly grateful that you have offered to help me out with my dilemma! I as always will continue to promote and stand behind all Tsukayu Products and their amazing staff and customer support!
Again I thank you for making my riding experience so wonderful!”

  Mar, 2016
~~Veronica Santa Maria, from Arizona, US  

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased a am with my fairing. I bought the Double Boox Fairing, painted, right after it came out. I am very impressed with the quality and fitment on my Harley Road King. The installation was simple, and it looks great and the sound if fantastic, I couldn’t be happier! Thank you for such a nice product.”

  Mar, 2016
~~Jeff Warren, from Louisiana, US  

“Thank you for clearing up this matter. It is a pleasure doing business with a company that truly appreciates their customers. I can't wait to get on my bike .look forward to doing more business in the future. Thanks again”

  Feb, 2016
~~Christine A Veneziano, from Massachusetts, US  

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new faring and hard bags. Thank you for a great product, great customer service and fast shipping!!!”

  Feb, 2016
~~Judy Mitchell, from Georgia, US  

“Thanks Guys/Gals. Received my 6X9 Fairing for my 2011 Yamaha Raider. It was packaged decent for the distance it had to come and no damage from Overseas to Alberta Canada.
It is mid Winter here so will not be installing or using it for a few more months. I have now looked at painting it to match the bike and I will send photos when all said and done.
This is another modification/addition to my in progress customized bike, all DIY of course and can't want to use the piece. I like the look of it and have found it is comparable to other big name brands, Corbin, Memphis Shades, but at least 40-50% less. Also I feel I am benefiting by having a Stereo thrown in to boot as most do not offer one without another $250-$300 added on! (I already tested the stereo with a stand alone battery and works great)
It is heavier than I thought ( yes I read all the specs) and I think some additional Mod's may be needed. Standard fork mounts I am unsure will be enough support for both the weight and wind stress at speed. I will try it stock mounted first of course.
Thanks Tsukayu. Be in touch soon!”

  Jan, 2016
~~Chad Manning, from Alberta, Canada  

“Thank you for the update and based upon the quality I see from the hard bags and batwing, I'm not surprised the high demand!
 Thank you again!”

  Jan, 2016
~~Glenn Blomberg, from Georgia, US  

“Thank you ! I will send u pics when i am done with my fatboy . i think your customers and my biker buddys will give you more orders for farings thx .again !  I have see bad reports on websites and I disagree with them. you guys a awsum and I am spreading the word…
Thank you Tsukayu sales team ! With your awesum service and parts I have my 2004 fatboy looking phat! Faring not only looks good but keeps the wind from bobbing my head.makes riding fun again and CD stereo with gps rocks!! Thx.again Mike, hope u like the pics.”

  Jan, 2016
~~Michael S Castaneda, from California, US  

"Over the summer I had a very serious wreck, which caused me to entirely frontflip a Vulcan 2000 landing squarely on 1 rear side which I had mounted your quick detachable hard saddlebag to. The bike weighing 850lb split the bag open, but I was amazed that the hinge, the clasp, the overall integrity of the bag, and even the mount remained in tact (so well that i drove it 20 miles home with 1 bungee around it for piece of mind). The incredible strength of these bags prevented hundreds if not thousands of dollars of damage to the bike itself, and the poor bag that took the hit was worth every dollar. Because of this I have just purchased the 6x9 radio fairing and know it will be of the same amazing quality....... "

  Dec, 2015
~~Steven Saur, from New York, US  

"About two years ago I purchased a fairing from your company and I have to say I love it and couldn't imagine my bike without it.
I was having an issue with my radio last year and your company happened to be a Sturgis and asked if they could have a look at it and they did
more than that they opened it up and fixed the issue.
The service, packaging and product is great!! I would and do recommend your company whenever anyone asks.
Thank you!! "

  Dec, 2015
~~Carol-Ann Bourdeau, from Ontario,Canada  

"Thanks for helping me out, I received the new brackets Tuesday and Wednesday evening I replaced them, this morning when riding to work I noticed that the fairing now is way more sturdy and solid and less vibration in the front end of the bike.
I am very happy with your help and already recommend your fairings and other bike-plastics to other bikers in Europe. (I am part of a Yamaha Star riders group that has over 2000 members in Europe) "

  Oct, 2015
~~Joop Baartman, from Netherlands  

"I purchased the GPS 6x9 fairing for my 2013 Harley-Davidson Road king back in August 2015. I also ordered the optional 1000watt amp and the bluetooth volume/track handle bar control. I must say that all though it did take about 6 weeks to manufacture, I was very pleased with the quality of the fairing. The included instructions made it very easy to install. The sound quality is excellent after I made a few slight adjustments to the amp controls. The price I paid for this fairing was much less than other fairings I've seen at bike events. And my fairing has much more features than any others I've seen."

  Oct, 2015
~~Danny maldonado, from Florida, US  

"I bought while still deployed hard bags for my 2012 Fat Bob HD from you primed because I wanted them same color as my Bike. Well I have got home had them painted and they look great. Next year will be the front fairing. Thank you so much on helping me to add to the bike just as I wanted. "

  Oct, 2015
~~David Blackwell, from Kansas, US  

"I receive my "coner hard bags" and really like them. They are installed on my 08 Yamaha Raider and look great.Now I will get them painted to match my bike. I was surprised how fast the shipping was,so wanted to say thank you. "

  Oct, 2015
~~Bruce spidel, from Minnesota, US  

"I just wanted to email you and thank you guys for providing awesome service and quick responses to my email's I am diffently going to recommend you guys to all my friends thank you so much for everything "

  Sep, 2015
~~Kyle Miller, from Colorado, US  

"I wanted to let you you that I received the hardbags and have installed them on my motorcycle. They are excellent quality and I am extremely happy with them. Thank you for an excellent product! I will certainly write good review for your company online. "

  Sep, 2015
~~Mukhtar Ali, from California, US  

"This was the fairing you made me for my Vulcan 20000cc it's still holding up good threw all the cold riding I did I rode in some freezing cold and got caught out twice in a snow storm that we're bad
Thank God I'm still alive. Fairing held up in all kinds of bad weather I rode threw. "

  Sep, 2015
~~Justin National Powersports, from US  

"I would like to thank the Tsukayu company. Your fairing is the prefect addition to my road king. Like having a new bike. The quality is awesome and the price was great. Your fairing is as good or better in many cases to the American made ones. Will definitely refer Tsukayu to anyone looking for a quality fairing. Thanks again,"

  Sep, 2015
~~Fred Tuhacek, from California, US  

"Just want to send a very positive testimonial about Tsukayu customer service along with their quality of product. Bought the Bat Wing GPS. Let me tell you quality of fairing is exceptional. But had problems with GPS in radio. Contacted customer service and had immediate reply. Every Email I sent was responded with VERY promptly. Eventually determined it was a radio issue and got a replacement. It works perfectly... So.. Thanks Tsukayu and more importantly THANKS TO Cyrus FOR GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE"

  Aug 2015
~~Chuck Miller, from Ohio, US  

"I must say thank you very much, I’ll now feel very comfortable telling my other biker
Brothers and Sisters where I got my faring, and they do stand by their product.
I’ll be waiting to receive a package from you with a Big Smile on my face.
Again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!!!!"

  Aug 2015
~~Roderick Jackson, from Arizona, US  

"Just wanted to tell you that I did receive my order this past Friday and I have them installed. They look fantastic and the quality of your bags looks pretty darn good. The finish was done extremely well and the hardware is all solid..."

  Aug 2015
~~Sam Matiello, from Arizona, US  

"Jason and Company,
I received the bags yesterday. They arrived intact without any discernible damage. In fact, they looked great.
I installed the bags this afternoon. Installation was a snap. Bags look great on my 2014 '9 BOSS.
Thank you."

  Aug 2015
~~Mark Rose, from Arizona, US  

"In connection with replacing a factory deficient speaker on my 'tour pack' trunk, please allow me to say that I am extremely impressed at your decision to make this situation the best that it can be as quickly and as compassionately as you have. I want to recognise that your customer service surpassed by far any ordinary expectations, and I am very grateful for this.
Thank you"

  Jun 2015
~~Yves Laforest, from British Columbia, Canada  

"Thank you so very much.
Awesome customer service...
My next purchase will be the trunk with 6x9 speakers.
You have a loyal customer because of this transaction."

  Jun 2015
~~Justin Adams, from Georgia, US  

"Contacting you in regards to my recent purchase of the batwing GPS fairing stereo and Hard bags with tour pack for my 2002 Honda Vtx 1800C I am very pleased with the ease of installation and the look of my bike sending you a few pics for gallery the before and after."

  Jun 2015
~~Bryan Alston, from Delaware, US  

"I Received The Fairing Today For My Honda VT1300CT Interstate. And I Would Like To Say Thank You Very Much Took Me About A Half Hour To Take The Stock Windshield Off And Put The Fairing On. Very Easy To Install, Very happy with the fairing. Great Company To Deal With Thanks Again."

  Jun 2015
~~Dave Peach, from Indiana, US  

"I have recently completed my bike after ordering the 6x9 batwing fairing and coner hardbags. I was very pleased with everything. From the customer service, the shipping, packaging, and how well everything was built and the parts that were used, truly no corners cut with your product. With that being said, if you are interested in photos of the finished product after paint for any type of advertisement use (as i know i searched and searched around 6 months and never found a successful photo to commit to buy) i would be more than pleased to share some photos with your company. Let me know if you're are interested. Thank you."

  May 2015
~~Josh Hinterberger, from Pennsylvania, US  

"Thank you very much Jason. as usual you a very excellent company to deal with.i am recommending Tsukayu to all freinds that ride motor cycles. Thank you again .

hi cyril, recieved my harley bags and installed them. what a great product. thank you for hurrying the production so as i could get them for my trip. these bags are first class, i will tell all my motorcycle friends about your company. thank you "

  May 2015
~~Frank Gee, from BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada  

"I finally installed the VTX detachable hardbags that I got from you and they look fantastic on my bike. I’ve also got a Harley-Davidson Touring Trunk mounted, so I was a little apprehensive about how the saddlebags would open. With minimal manipulation, the lids will clear the armrests on the touring trunk. These bags are so much larger than the stock Honda bags, plus they lock and are pretty much waterproof and dustproof.
The paint is almost a perfect match for my bike and the quality of construction and ease of installation are outstanding.
Excellent product!

  Apr 2015
~~Len Dirk, from Alberta, Canada  

"Received the bags…have them mounted….all looks 100% Thanks again for your great service and help in the purchase and warranty of the defective bag! Much appreciated! I will let all of my friends know of Tsukayu and the outstanding service! "

  Apr 2015
~~Kevin Hoffman, from Alberta, Canada  

"I received the batwing faring this weekend and have installed it. GREAT PRODUCT. Very easy to install and looks great. "

  Apr 2015
~~Earl W. McGee, from Louisiana, US  

"I bought my bike new in 2006 & purchased the Batwing Classic Fairing & Jumbo Strong bags from you. My bike was originally Candy Black Cherry but this year I painted in Mercedes-Benz Silver & went with a Mercedes theme to mstch my car. My fairing and my bags still look good after 9 years and are functional to this day. Thank you for making a quality product! "

  Apr 2015
~~Big Mike, from US  

"received my fairing and i am very pleased with your product. it is very beautiful and more then i expected. the quality is fabulous...thank you again. "

  Mar 2015
~~Frank Gee, from British Columbia, Canada  

"Just wanted to pass along to everyone I've been dealing with for the past few months. It's been a long process and I've finally gotten something to be proud of. I want to thank everyone who has had to deal with me. Your time and patience are greatly appreciated.
Thank You"

  Mar 2015
~~Korey V. Haukom, from Kansas, US  

"I bought my jumbo strong bags and GPS fairing for my 2005 Honda VTX1800F last year around the end of March. I had it color matched at the factory and was pleasantly surprised at how close the color match was on my 8yr old bike. This yr at Daytona Bike Week, I had a problem with my system (turned out it was simply a blown fuse under the seat). The rep was able to diagnose it and the service guys were able to get it fixed, so I could get back to riding. I was glad they fixed it, because I was 450 miles from home and didn't have some of my tools.
Thanks for the great customer service!"

  Mar 2015
~~Chris Pierce, from Georgia, US  

"Thank you for allowing me to cancel this order. It has been a rough few days since the accident that totaled my motorcycle. I am going to give your company some very nice comments on my motorcycle web site that I am a member of. Everyone will know how great you folks are to deal with. If my next bike needs bags I will be sure to purchase them from you. I will be looking for the same model bike and if I find one you can be sure you’ll be hearing back from me for a new order."

  Mar 2015
~~Steve Looke, from Massachusstes, US  

"Received by bags this evening, everything was perfect. Thank you so much for communicating with me. I will tell my buddies about your products and what great people you are to do business with. May already have one lined up for the same thing I ordered. Thank you again."

  Mar 2015
~~Ira Brown, from Arkansas, US  

"I want to thank your team at Tsukayu for their prompt and efficient service. I was amazed as to how fast my order was processed and delivered and the superior communication in dealing with your staff. Your Company shall always be highly recommended by me.
Thank You so very much ."

  Mar 2015
~~Charles M White, from Idaho, US  

"To all the good folks at tsukayu thanks to you my already awesome looking bike looks even better with the addition of your batwing fairing. It showed up 8 days after it was ordered, was sent out to paint a few days later then to my local shop for install and the radio hook-up. I have a 2003 vtx 1800S in Honda candy orange I’m grin’in from ear to ear I couldn't be happier if I were twins. Yours is a quality product and I am so glad I found your web site, keep up the good work. thanks again."

  Feb 2015
~~Tim Ratliff, from Texas, US  

"I want to tell you how much I am impressed by your Customer Service and also the quality of your product I will strongly suggest to my friends to take the time and look at the products your company offer
Thank you again"

  Feb 2015
~~Claude Lavoie, from Quebec, Canada  

"I am a huge fan of your saddle bags. Unfortunately, my bike was involved in a traffic accident and the bags took a severe beating (destroyed.) The bike went end over end at 75mph on the freeway.
However, without a doubt the bags protected the bike from a lot of further damage. I have contacted you and sent photos of the bags following the accident.
I am reaching out to you as I would like to order another pair and am wondering if you would consider some thought of a discount. Please let me know as I am very interested in reordering.
Many thanks,"

  Feb 2015
~~Darren Hallam, from Texas, US  

"Hi guys...we are back..lol We are getting ready to order our tour pack. We are more than pleased with the hard bags and the fairing that we have already gotten from you.....Thanks again guys. Our bike is starting to look awesome, just one more thing to get."

  Jan 2015
~~Kimberly S. Koski, from Ohio, US  

"Many Thanks,
I ordered Hard Saddlebags and a batwing fairing for my Fat Bob, and I’m very satisfied with the products I received. All were very well packed, installation instructions very clear and all screws, small parts, color.. matched perfectly with my specification order.
The quality is very good and in top of that, a technician from Tsukayu called me, to know if I needed some help to install my products.
Really, you are very professional and I would like to thank the all Tsukayu team.
Best regards and happy new year !"

  Jan 2015
~~Christophe GILBERT, from France  

"Good Morning, I would like to tell you how happy I am with these bags. I also have posted the following post on VTXOA web site because I think all VTX riders need to consider these bags for there bikes. just installed my new Tsukayu bags on my 1800c and I'm so happy. I ordered and received these after ordering on oline direct and with the painted black option as my bike is black. They are easy to install and have the excat look I was after. I will attach pics soon. I can't wait to ride and use these. I have read stories about this company taking for ever to ship bags but my arrived in about 4 weeks"

  Jan 2015
~~Ronnie Bruce, from Vermont, US  

"Great customer surface thanks for the info. on the GPS...
Thank you feel free to publish my kind words about your company on your website"

  Dec 2014
~~Joseph Bruno, from Rhode Island, US  

"Thank you again. You have taken a great deal of time to help me and I appreciate it.
My mounting looks very different from your picture. Your picture shows three L mounts and my mounting has only the center L. Your picture shows the center L bolted, mine has only the spring and no nut on the bolt.
I do not believe that Tsukayu shipped the faring this way. When the faring arrived at Harley Davidson, Waco TX they sent it out to a Paint Shop. I suspect that they did not re assemble the unit properly after painting.
After seeing your picture, I can mount the cem correctly. If the cem has been damaged due to loose mounting I will replace it at my cost.
Thank you again and please use me for a reference and testimonial to good customer service."

  Nov 2014
~~John Heinfeld, from Texas, US  

"I received my fairing yesterday after i got off work and I couldn't be happier. First of all, I was amazed at how quickly I got it. Second, looking at it out of the box, I can't wait to drop it off to get painted and get it on my bike. I want to thank everyone at your company for the product!! hopefully after its painted and on my bike I can enjoy it."

  Nov 2014
~~Korey Haukom, from Kansas, US  

"Thank you very much for always responding promptly and with detailed answers to my questions. I look forward to recommending your company to all my biker friends. I am sure that I will enjoy this product!"

  Nov 2014
~~Lue Crowder, from Georgia, US  

"I purchased a fairing w/ stereo, amp and remote for my 06 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Classic. Iam pleased with the look and sound. The bike gets looks even when parked next to "American" bikes..."

  Nov 2014
~~Clifton VanDerveer, from New York, US  

"yesterday the saddlebags arrived. It's all right. I want to thank you once again on this journey. I will recommend you. Have a great time and good business."

  Oct 2014
~~Ralf Sill, from Stralsund, Germany  

"KUDOS to your company for providing such a quality trunk! It just arrived and the quality is outstanding! I'm going to take my time when mounting. It's beautiful and matches the vtx saddlebags perfectly!"

  Oct 2014
~~Dave Andrews, from California, US

"I am very happy with your product I will talk to several people and especially the speed of delivery and the price of the room."

  Oct 2014
~~Paul Hetu, from Quebec, Canada

"I was going to wait until the second half of my order arrived before submitting feedback, but I changed my mind after installing the Jumbo Strong Bags on my 2005 Yamaha Road Star Midnight Silverado last week.
The attention to detail and quality are absolutely first rate. The hardware, the fiberglass, the paint and finish work, it's everything and more that I hoped it would be.
The most challenging part of the installation was drilling the mounting holes and transferring the pattern to the opposite bag. I found it much easier to make a template out of cardboard rather than using paint on the brackets to transfer the pattern as is suggested in the instructions.
Also, it might be beneficial to mention using silicone sealer on the small screws used to mount the luggage racks to the lids. This would help prevent water from leaking into the bags.
I am very happy that I chose Tsukayu for my bag and fairing order. I look forward to receiving the fairing next week. I will be endorsing your company to all my motorcycle friends."

  Oct 2014
~~Chris Bujold, from Minnesota, US

"On September 29th I got it which I orderd from your company.
I'm so happy that I did it without a scratch & breakages.
Thank you for everything.
Take care!"

  Oct 2014
~~Hirohisa Nishioka, from Shiga, Japan

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you for not only prompt service when ordering but for the quality of the batwing we ordered. I placed the order on September 18th 2014 and just 12 days later my husband was installing it. He is happier than a fat kid in a candy store. Thank you so much. I will be ordering more from you."

  Oct 2014
~~Kimberly S. Koski, from Ohio, US  

"Just wanted to say tank you for going out of your way to get me the hard bags on time for my trip to Canada. I was gone for a monthand the serverved me very well.
I received every thing and they fit perfectly. I am very happy with them and i must say your service was fantastic."

  Oct 2014
~~BENOIT VINCENT, from Texas, US  

"Please find attached some hi res photos of my bike bags.
Please note that the first three shots are after the bike was involved in a 75mph accident. It went end over end and slid for a long way on the free way. I was amazed at how well they held up. Granted they were badly damaged but they SAVED the bike."

  Aug 2014
~~Darren Hallam, from Texas, US  

"I want to thank you and your company for all the help in solving this issue. Your professionalism and quick response is second to none and it has been a pleasure working with. Your product is exceptional I know I will have many good years enjoying it.Thank you very much"

  Aug 2014
~~Kevin G Owens, from Nevada, US  

"Received the bags last Friday. Put them on Saturday. Fitment was perfect. That alone makes them special.
These bags are bigger than I expected and so cool! Construction is also much more than I was expecting . They are great looking and will be put to use in the next 3 weeks. I don't expect any problems.
This is a well thought out product."

  Aug 2014
~~George S Bowers, from Texas, US  

"Good day, I would like to thank you from my deep heart, I received the item immediately from Fedex. all respect to TSUKAYU company."

  Aug 2014
~~MAGED KAMAL MOHAMED, from Cairo, Egypt  

"Thank you so much. I just received my "Strong" Bags for my 2008 Kawasaki VN900 Classic. They were extremely easy to install and look fantastic on my bike. The color match is off ever so slightly, but my husband, who is in automotive industry says that unless they came from the factory at the same time as the bike because it has so much fleck, we couldn't have gotten it any closer in color. He was extremely impressed with the match and praises you for a job well done. The quality is top notch. The chrome locks are solid, and we appreciate the fact that you added multiple sized spacers to allow us to customize for a close fit.
I highly recommend Tsukayu to anyone that is looking hard sider bags. From factory to my door was five days and they arrived in perfect condition. I was even impressed with the shipping container; solid and heavy duty. I think I may be ordering a batwing very soon.
Thank you again for an extremely high quality product."

  Aug 2014
~~Linda Sollinger, from Maryland, US  

"Thank you so much
I've ordered a few items from Tsukayu, and friends of mine have seen your product through me, and ordered from you too. Everything we have ordered/ received has been excellent quality, and a real complement to our bikes...."

  Aug 2014
~~Rodney Lundrigan, from South Newfoundland, Canada  

"I have to say that despite a couple of order errors and the light issue, I am overwhelmingly pleased with the service Tsukayu has provided to me. As stated before I have a set of Patrol Bags and a Small Batwing Fairing from you. Since my Softail Standard does not come with those accessories many people are very impressed with them and the way they look on the bike. After the service and support your company has provided me with my issues even after purchase, I will not only recommend your products for their aesthetics but for customer service and satisfaction as well. Any issues or concerns I had were addressed and resolved immediately every time. THANK YOU for all you have done I am a very satisfied customer."

  Jul 2014
~~Chris Martin, from Virginia, US  

"Well I installed the new radio you sent me. Went in easy, fit prefect, sounds and works GREAT! I am very grateful for your help. You guys are ok by me, you stood behind your product and handled my issues in a fair, honest, and professional manner. I appreciate that and will definitely be doing business with you again (I need some new saddle bags)."

  Jul 2014
~~Wade Myers, from Ohio, US  

"I wanted to take this time to thank you for taking care of the problem I had with the radio in my fairing on my harley.
It is a pleasure to deal with a company that stands behind their product with no hassel and a great deal of co-operation.
I was so pleased with the quality of the fairing that this was the icing on the cake.
The fast turn around and help you gave me with taking the radio out was more then anyone could expect.
I will recommend your products to everyone I know based on its quality and great customer service.
My wife is also very happy with the gps fairing
Next up for me will be the saddle bags."

  Jul 2014
~~RONALD LOWENTHAL, from Georgia, US  

"I writing to express to you my satisfaction in doing business with your company. The initial order process was easy and I did that from your website. The wait time to fabricate the fairing was right in line with what was stated during the ordering process. The fairing arrived packed very well and the fiberglass was perfect and in great shape and looks beautiful. Everything was packed and shipped with the fairing as ordered and there were no missing parts or pieces. During the trip from Hong Kong to Texas the antenna wire became damaged and a ground wire came undone in the wire loom, so I had some initial problems with the radio and CD player upon start up. I contacted you Florida office and the gentleman there was patient and very helpful to try and help me with my issues. I was able to figure out my wiring problem on my own but he still was helpful and considerate. I expressed my issues through email to your sales staff and they promptly mailed me a new antenna and a new acrylic cover for the GPS unit (which was defective also). Again, I express my appreciation of your commitment to providing excellent customer service and providing a quality product and your sales staff should be recognized for their service.
Danny Carroll (proud owner of a Tsukayu batwing fairing)
PS….the three individual that I dealt with during the process were: Jason, Kin, and Cyril"

  Jun 2014
~~Danny Carroll, from Texas, US  

"Thanks for letting me know that the order has shipped. I was told expedited processing would take 2-3 weeks. I had just checked my records and it's been 10 days since order started. That is impressive and I want to thank you for not only keeping to your schedule, but exceeding it by several days. That's service! I paid the extra cost because of a road trip I have planned and you folks exceeded my expectations. I now have time to install & test without having to rush.
If the fit & finish of the batwing is as good as your customer service, I will be glad to recommend Tsukayu Fairings with no reservations. It is wonderful to do business with a company that stands behind, and exceeds, their promise. What a breath of fresh air!
Again, "Thank you"! I'm looking forward to receiving the Fairing the a few days.
Continued success & all the best,"

  Jun 2014
~~Rick Clair, from Montana, US  

"I am so HAPPY with my saddle bags, even though they are destroyed. Please let me explain. I was involved in a motorcycle accident and was forced to dump the bike at around 75mph on a freeway. The bike was in perfect condition and thanks to the Tsukayu bags and the highways bars, the bike still runs with minimal damage. Let me add that the bike flipped, and rolled with the back coming over the front and crushing one of the lids. The bags PROTECTED the rear end of the bike PERFECTLY with no damage what so ever. Even the HUGE exhaust on the VTX1800 is undamaged.
If you are interested in seeing photos, I will be happy to send them to you. Although, essentially destroyed, they held up remarkably well and SAVED the bike and possibly me. Oh, I am fine with just a couple minor scrapes.
I will definitely buy again and honestly believe that you guys could use my story as a major selling point. Cheap insurance. I was shocked to see the bags looking as well as they are."

  Jun 2014
~~Darren HAllam, from Texas, US  

"Just wanted to let you know I received my fairing for my C90 today. It was well packed and in excellent condition. I opened and inspected the contents and I have to say quality work. I'm very happy that I made the decision to purchase from Tsukayu. I would recommend your products to anyone. I have to do some cable work and wiring mods before test install and paint but I would be more then happy to send some pics to add to the site once I've got it all finished up. Thanks again!!!"

  Jun 2014
~~Elijah Eric Reed, from Kentucky, US  

"Testimonial - Keith from Iowa.
I bought the Batwing Classic Fairing (stereo ready/paint ready) for my '03 Vulcan 1600. I was impressed with how well it fits on the bike and how easy it is to switch out with the stock windshield (it uses all the same mounting hardware). I chose the stereo ready because I wanted to invest in a high end stereo system, which turned out great. Tsukayu was very fast and helpful with their response when I had a concern, which turned out to be nothing. Overall a good quality, sturdy product."

  Jun 2014
~~Keith Pittman, from Iowa, US  

"Just a note with a picture attached thanking you and your team for the awesome job!! I'm a very satisfied customer and will certainly refer you to others!!!"

  Jun 2014
~~Robert Hickman, from New Jersey, US  

"The bags arrived yesterday, more than a week early. They look exactly as advertized, can’t wait to get them on the bike. Thank you for your help. Very impressed with the product and the service, I will recommend you to everyone that asks."

  Jun 2014
~~Brian Domm, from Ontario, Canada  

"That would be great. Let me know when you ship it, I presume that you will give me a tracking number? I would also like to take the time to say thank you very much for all of your professionalism in taking care of my little problem and also your help when I first ordered the fairing, I appreciate everything you did for me. I included a couple of pictures that you can put on your site if you need them. I am more then satisfied with the quality of your product, the sound of the speakers, the color match and my overall Tsukayu experience. I will be ordering saddlebags and a trunk at the end of the summer for next year.
Thanks again, from a very satisfied first time customer...Frank"

  May 2014
~~Frank Leblanc, from Quebec, Canada  

"I truely want to thank you for all your help with the faring and these brackets. I will be recomending your company to all my biker friends. Thanks again!"

  May 2014
~~Shannon Strickland, from South Carolina, US  

"Once again, Thank You!! I am truly very happy with all the products I have received and the great customer service... I do really want to thank you again for the great customer service and a great product. Everyone who has seen the bike with the fairing and the bags on it thinks it looks great and SO DO I!!!"

  May 2014
~~Jeffrey Smith, from South Dakota, US  

"Love the fairing, was all it was avertized to be and then some. Can hardly wait to see the bags, hope they are of the same high quality."

  May 2014
~~HOWARD VICTOR YOUNG, from Oklahoma, US  

"Love the fairing, was all it was avertized to be and then some. Can hardly wait to see the bags, hope they are of the same high quality."

  May 2014
~~HOWARD VICTOR YOUNG, from Oklahoma, US  

"Just wanted to write to you about my new bags, they are awesome and look amazing on my custom 2012 Harley Davidson Super Glide! I have had a lot of compliments on them, they really make the bike look like one of a kind. You guys do amazing work, thank you so much and I will be telling everyone I can about your company!"

  May 2014
~~Jeffrey Mott, from New York, US  

"I just wanted to let you all know that I received my Fairing as promised a few weeks ago and finally had a chance to install it today. It fits like a glove (not an easy task on a RK Custom) and looks awesome!!!! I am very impressed with the quality and workmanship of all the components as well as the seamless glass work on the fairing itself. The Bluetooth works great and the amp sound is crystal clear. I am extremely pleased!
Thank you all for the effort. I will highly recommend your product and your team.
I’ll send some pictures when I get a nicer day and clean my bike"

  Apr 2014
~~Louis DeTitta Jr. , from Florida, US  

"Installed my Gloss black Classic Faring on my Harley Fat Boy over the weekend. Looks great, Sounds great, Installation was very easy. Very pleased."

  Apr 2014
~~Jeff Diekfuss, from Georgia, US  

"I received my fairing today, and let me just say that I am thoroughly impressed!! It is exactly what I envisioned it to be, exactly as it was advertised, and the craftsmanship is excellent. Installation was a breeze too!! Great product!! I'll be back in a month or so for some Tsukayu hard bags for my Sportster!!! "

  Apr 2014
~~Daryl J Cauffman, from Nebraska, US  

"Received my faring today. Thank you. It looks great. Already wired and on the bike. I take photos during the daylight. Works perfect and was a perfect fit for my 2003 fatboy. gps and radio operate great. Adds a stylish look. I was a little apprehensive at first, but I am glad I made the purchase. will definitely recommend your company. Thank again"

  Apr 2014
~~Doug Grimmett Frederick, from Maryland, US  

"Cyril, Thank you for the smooth transition from the wide hard-bags to the regular hard-bags. They arrived Wednesday and fit PERFECT.
Wanted to say thanks to you, Lin and Jason.
I will recommend you to friends and family.
Take Care."

  Apr 2014
~~BRAD MORELLO, from North Carolina, US  

"Please let me express my Gratitude and Thanks for such a quick response! I Highly appreciate your efforts in making the Delivery happen before my Departure! I will be atleast Two Weeks on the go and would'nt have anyone to except the Delivery..."

  Apr 2014
~~Clifton White, from Virginia, US  

"Just want you to know we are very pleased with the quality. They are a bargain for what you get. My 2008 Road King went on in about one minute. My wife's 2000 Heritage Classic took a bit more time and manuvering. They are both on and look and work great. The wireing is simple and straight forward. I would recommend your product with confidence. The GPS is fantastic !"

  Mar 2014
~~Ron Lowenthal, from Georgia, US  

"I just recently received my new Batwing 6x9 fairing with full stereo. I am very pleased with your product, you sent exactly what you said you would and the installation went very smooth the fit & finish are satisfactory."

  Mar 2014
~~David Simon, from Tennessee, US  

" received my Patrol saddlebags and installed them this weekend. I am very pleased with them, and very very pleased with your service. Hong Kong to Mississippi in four days. I'm going to get a batwing for my bike when I get my money together, and you can bet I'll be purchasing it from you. Thanks again."

  Mar 2014
~~Rafe Jones, from Mississippi, US  

"Wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the Batwing fairing. It arrived last Monday and I had it mounted on the bike Tuesday night. Very straight forward and the spacers were perfect. It mounted directly to the triple tree with no problems at all. Great finish, perfect fit, and no problems at all with being able to see the gauges in my headlight.
I'm very happy with the fairing and its finish and it looks really good on the bike. Haven't been able to put many miles on the bike yet due to the winter weather here in PA but I've been out twice and I'm very impressed with the level of protection and the looks I'm getting from other bikers."

  Mar 2014
~~Larry Mansfield, from Pennsylvania, US  

"Just wanted to say thanks
Recieved my fairing on time and in perfect condition
Totally pleased with the service
And am sure ill purchase from you again in the future"

  Feb 2014
~~DAVID NORTHCOTT, from Ontario, Canada  

"I recently purchased a gps fairing from your company and I am wondering what the specs are for the wind shield mount. I would like to add windshield trim and wind deflectors. I need to know if harley products will fit or Memphis shade or none of the above will work. By the way the fairing is great. I am glad I found your company. I have also purchased detachable hard bags for my vtx your products are great quality. The prices and turn around time are great as well. My bike really looks awesome now. Thanks very much."

  Feb 2014
~~Edward Schroyer, from Oklahoma, US  

"I just wanted to let you know that I have received my bags and have them mounted. I couldn't be happier with color and fitment. Thanks for such a wonderful product."

  Feb 2014
~~Billy Henry, from Indiana, US  

"I just got my new strong bags today. They were shipped from Hong Kong on the 18th of January and showed up here in Southern Oregon on the 28th of January. Wow. Nicely done.
The bags are just beautiful. I got the gloss black and even though my bike is custom painted pearl white they look perfect. The guards and racks really set things off. Everything came in a really tough fiberglass box that was bolted shut. Nicely done again. Everything was in good condition and looks like it is all going to work great. A friend of mine has a set of these bags on his Honda valkyrie. Mine had the old leather honda bags and I was not happy with them. My buddies bags are six years old and holding up well. I would have been satisfied with a set just like his but the ones I just got are much nicer. The hard wear, hinges, locks and mounting brackets are all a great upgrade from the older set. Once more, nicely done.
The chrome on the racks and guards looks petty good although the shaping under the chrome could have been done better, however, as my Valkyrie is a driver, not a trailer queen, I think it is all perfectly fine. Can't really see a flaw until I put my glasses on.
Overall, these are nicer bags than I thought I was getting and I couldn't be happier with the purchase.
Thank you for over delivering on your promise."

  Jan 2014
~~Charlie Smith, from Oregon, US  

"Hey Guys and Gals, thanks for the beautiful bags. The old bracket off my old bags worked like a charm just like you said but I had to reupholster the rear seat a little so the new hard bags wouldn’t hit the lid when they opened! Yaw did a jam up job on the paint and the shipping in that fiberglass container was a work of art in it’s self. These new hard bags like you said again have lots more room, looks awesome and a breeze to open and close. Doing business with yaw was an A + in my book! Wes Hibbs Ps; Here’s a few pics of my 2013 Heritage Soft tail Classic today while doing a flag line with the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR-Tx) at the Houston VA Cemetery for one of our fallen hero’s."

  Jan 2014
~~HERMAN HIBBS, from Texas, US  

"Thank you for manufacturing such a fine batwing fairing. I recently received the gloss black stereo ready fairing for my 2008 Harley Davidson Road King trike. The quality of the fairing is simply outstanding in every regard, workmanship, materials, fit and finish. Wow, what a very nice product. The fairing looks great on my Vivid Black/Suede Blue trike. The fairing was very carefully packaged and arrived in perfect condition. I will enjoy having this on my trike for the years of riding ahead. Keep up the great work on product quality."

  Jan 2014
~~Marcus Musgrave, from Georgia, US  

"Very good! Thank you for your prompt response. I’ve had a lot of good feedback of this company from fellow motorcyclists on forums, and you’ve already impressed me with your helpfulness."

  Jan 2014
~~Adam Dinsmore, from Michigan, US  

"There's a lot of excitement in the biker community I ride with to see these. I'm with Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), and I've been talking about these bags non stop. I hope to send business your way!"

  Jan 2014
~~Jason Labute, from Texas, US  

"I am impressed at the arrival of the saddle bags all the way from you to Australia over the holiday period in such a short time is noteworthy
My new bike is still a while away but I look forward to when the bags are painted and fitted
The packaging you sent the bags in worked very well and they arrived in perfect condition
Thank you to your attention to detail and I look forward to using them at which time I will post my thoughts on the M109R owners page"

  Jan, 2014
~~Peter D. Jecks, from Australia  

"Good morning I just wanted to let you know I received the I phone stand that was missing in my batwing GPS fairing box. I also wanted to thank you again for getting it shipped out quickly to me. Also thanks for all your help over the telephone with all my questions. I appreciate the good customer service I have received from you and look forward to doing more business with your company. I will be referring you to all my biker friends for there needs.. Have a great holiday season."

  Dec, 2013
~~Daron Todd, from Florida, US  

"I would like to say thankyou for the great service and hassle free order and shipping it is so nice to talk to someone on the phone that is very pleasent and professional thankyou Ken I ordered a batwing fairing for my 2006 roadliner and it is every thing you said it would be and the service was great I will highly reccomend your company and products to all my motorcycle friends and look forward to doing more bussiness with you in the near future"

  Nov, 2013
~~Scott Barley, from Ontario, Canada  

"im just wanna say that you have done a exilent job whit my package.
Shall be fun driving my bike ths summer ."

  Nov, 2013
~~Peter Andersson, from Sweden  

"I just wanted to send you a few pictures of the strong hardbags that I ordered from you. The process of ordering and receiving the bags went really well and the bags arrived within the quoted time, well packaged to avoid any damage. They've been painted to match the original paint scheme and I'm extremely happy with the product and the new look that they've added to my bike. It's a 2012 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 900."

  Nov, 2013
~~Stan Brandon, from North Carolina, US  

"Just received the new Hard Side Bags for my Harley Fat Bob. Installation was easy. The fit was great. I have the Tall Boy seat, removable sissy bar backrest and luggage rack. Everything works together wonderfully. The bags really look like they were made just for my bike. Great high quality gloss black paint job. Changed the whole look of my bike. The packing was wonderful and the packing box is amazing. Well worth the wait for this high quality product."

  Nov, 2013
~~Roy Gudgeon, from Florida, US  

"I received my color matched Suzuki Boulevard m109r bags and was delighted!!! I just want to thank you guys for doing such a great job! It looks amazing and it’s the best addition to my bike yet. I will be in touch in a couple of months to get the batwing faring."

  Sep, 2013
~~DQ Simpson, from Virginia, US  

"OK Jason, thank you. I'll send pictures of the 6x9 fairing and the wide extended Road King bags once they are painted and installed on my Road King. Tsukayu makes the best products and I tell everyone who asks where they can go to buy your products...
Thanks again"

  Sep, 2013
~~DeWayne Spaw, from Kentucky, US

"I just wanted to say thank you.
Bags were delivered to me this morning. The shipping container was very impressive. And the shipping was quick.
The bags look great, and I believe all the attaching hardware is there, I will confirm tonight.
Its been a great experience, so again Thanks.
Once the bags are mounted and painted, I will send you some pictures."

  Sep, 2013
~~Nick Vukojevic, from Ontario, Canada

"I received my new small batwing fairing for my Honda 1300 Interstate about 1 month ago. I am very satisfied and happy with it. The paint job is a perfect match, the stereo and speakers are excellent and the styling fits perfectly with the bike. Best of all it took me only 30 minutes to completely install the fairing, the instructions were easy to follow and it fit perfectly."

  Sep, 2013
~~John Laftsidis, from Illinois, US

"I have now recieved my Tsukayu saddle bags and installed them on my motorcycle. They look great!! Installation proved to be very easy. The job was completely done in under an hour. I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship of the bags."

  May, 2013
~~Dave Bloch-Hansen, from Ontario, Canada

"I wanted to notify you that I received my Bat Wing Fairing yesterday...
I am very pleased with the product as I have already mounted it and in the process of wiring my bike. I’m sure it will provide me with many miles of “bug-free” cruising and I will have it for my 3000 mile journey starting this Friday. Thank you for keeping me informed of the progress and I look forward to doing business again."

  May, 2013
~~LANDRY SMALLFOOT, from Washington, US

"I cannot be more satisfied with the highly professional customer service and top-quality products of Tsukayu. I purchased the Batwing 6X9 Fairing and a set of Detachable Hardbags for my 2008 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe. The communication between customer and company was simply outstanding and the ordering process seamless. I coordinated to have my new parts professionally installed by Tsukayu during the Laughlin River Run 2013. All arrangements were done by the customer service representative - "Jason". He is a true professional and coordinated all of the details for installation at the Tsukayu booth. Upon arrival, the Tsukayu folks were expecting me and had everything ready to go for installation - no detail was missed from start to finish. I highly recommend Tsukayu as their products are second to none and a fantastic value. I am a completely satisfied customer! Thank you."

  May, 2013
~~Grant V. Frey, from California, US

"Just purchased the Strong bags and installed on my 2005 Suzuki C50T to replace the smaller factory bags, and WOW! What a difference! Changed the whole look of the bike. The bags match the lines if the rear fender perfectly and look like they should have been the ones installed from the factory. Plenty of storage with them too, I can store my half-helmet and riding jacket in one bag, and my laptop and some other things in the other for the daily commute to the office.
Just wanted to say thanks for making a great product!"

  Apr, 2013
~~Jason Dean

"I am writing you to let you know that I have received my new fairing. It arrived in excellent condition with no visible damage. I installed it right away. It was very easy to install. It took me approximately and hour and a half. It looks GREAT!... The radio sounds fantastic and the color matches perfectly. Overall am extremely satisfied. I cannot wait to take my first ride with it. I am willing to submit photos for your website if you would like, just let me know where to send them."

  Apr, 2013
~~Ryan Raymond, from Michigan, US

"Just letting you know I have received my shipment. The bags are installed and I am very happy with them. The quality is outstanding and they look like they were made for my bike. The curve follows the rear fender perfectly.
Great product Tsukayu!"

  Apr, 2013
~~Maurice Stevens, from South Australia, Australia

"Just wanted to drop you guys a line and let you know how much i enjoy the fairing and Strong Hardbags for my Kawasaki 1500 Classic. The bags were easy to install as well as the Classic Fairing with the 6 1/2 Speakers, I must say the quality of the fiberglass work was first rate and the price just cannot be beat anywhere on the internet. I will be telling all my riding buddies about your website and how great your products and service is thank you"

  Mar, 2013
~~Clinton Burgess, from West Virginia, US

"I received this top trunk for my Roadliner. I was finally able to install it today and it is amazing! It matches the bike and stock bags perfectly and I am so grateful for an affordable storage solution. I commute 90 miles a day on it and this is going to make my life far less stressful. Thank you so much for a great product."

  Feb, 2013
~~Ian Ridgway, from Arizona, US

"Just to let you know that I received my fairing and it is wonderful. I am very pleased with the workmanship and paint. I have not put it on the bike yet, but I am sure that it is fine. Thank you for doing such a nice job with everything."

  Jan, 2013
~~Timothy Riker, from New York, US

"Thank you very much for the quality of production and packaging. I will recommend to my friends."

  Jan, 2013
~~VLADIMIR PERFILEV, from Russian Federation

"We purchased a fairing from your company and received it in excellent condition and everything is as we expected. Thank you for your excellent packaging and consequently, your excellent customer service!!..."

  Jan, 2013
~~Roger Young and Jan Menard, from Manitoba, Canada

"letter to tsukayu; please note i bought my first aftermarket fairing in my life and on the net from unkowns
on the phone when ordering the staff was friendly and assured my concerns that if i wasnt happy i could return the unit
i felt better about ordering it as u never know for sure what you get on the net
the product came in several weeks it was carefully packed in a fiberglass container
inside was a fully assembled batwing fairing with radio and speakers
i was very impressed with the quality and wiring harness
the mntg hardware and the ease of installation
i would recomend this product at anytime to anyone looking for the most reasonable priced fairing on the market
Peter Haacke (30 yrs auto mechanic - 30 yrs riding)
ps this fairing went on a harley convertible softail screamin eagle CVO-2010 model"

  Jan, 2013
~~Peter Haacke, from Ontario, Canada

"I just received the last part of my order tonight and i am very happy with the result of it. The saddlebag received earlier and the batwing fairing are very nice and the paint is perfect like the paint of my motorcycle. And all of the parts are very well packed. I don’t have time to check the radio and speakers tonight, but for the first look i am very impressed by the work. Sorry for my poor English, but i will surely recommand your company to anybody who want some kind of part. Perhaps it was long to produce, but the result talk by itself. Now i am just haste to install it on the byke in a couple of months because it’s the winter here in Canada.
Thank you again and have a nice holyday and a very happy new year."

  Dec, 2012
~~Bruno Hains, from Quebec, Canada

"I received my hard bags today and was blown away your product is breathless I am very please with the hardbags thanks again joe can't wait to ride down the street with your product for everyone to see. Outstanding work."

  Dec, 2012
~~JOE MARROW, from North Carolina, US

"I wanted to take a minute to let you know how impressed I am with the quality of these bags. I purchased my bags a year ago and have been very happy with them. My wife and I recently had the misfortune to take a turn to find a car ahead of us had apparently lost all the oil in its engine and spread it completely across the road. This thick layer of oil caused us to go down in a hurry. Our Suzuki C109RT slid close to a city block on the bag and the floorboard bracket. The bags were scraped down quite a bit on the bottom outside but were still watertight. In addition the bags kept the bike up enough that neither of us were injured by the bike. I was able to get out from under easily and the bags held the bike up enough that it was extremely easy to pick up. I witness to the incident came to my assistance to right the bike and immediately commented about how hard it was going to be to pick it up. I almost had the bike up when he reached down to grab on to help.
I know you are aware of the quality of your products but I wanted to let you know how please we are. I will probably order a replacement bag in the near future but wanted to thank you for making such a quality accessory. It affirms a comment I saw online shortly after ordering my bags. Feel free to use my review of these bags if you want."

  Nov, 2012
~~Larry Mullette, from Montana, US

"I would like to thank you for your prompted response to my e-mail. I had received the fairing and I'm very happy with everything from the shipping to the product. I hope to buy more of your products in the future. Thank you for your time."

  Nov, 2012
~~Larry, from Michigan, US

"I have received my Strong Bags for my Roadliner today . I fitted the hard bags within 30 minutes.
They look absolutely great and cool on my Roadliner.
The Strong Bags are also a great quality and I will certainly be recommending Tsukayu to my riding buddies and other motorcyclist.
Thanks again for a great quality product and delivery service."

  Oct, 2012
~~Philip Fourie, from Dubai, UAE

"Got the detachable hard bags on Monday, mounted them on Wed and had a great ride. Very pleased with the product and the service of Tsukaya. Wish I had these earlier in the season (Chicago weather getting a little chillier now)."

  Oct, 2012
~~Thomas Palcheck, from Illinois, US

"Hello,i recently completed the installation of my patrol bags and thought i would share some pics of the finished product.
So far these bags have performed very well and they are one of the best additions i have made to my bike,i am looking forward to adding a radio fairing in the near future,thanks for making a great product!!! You may use these photos on your website if you so choose"

  Oct, 2012
~~Scott Rowley, from Pennsylvania, US

"received my fairing in perfect condition. the install was fairly easy and quick. took me about 2 hours. took it out for test ride to check for any problems. while on the ride I got rear ended by a truck my bike was totalled and the fairing ruined. l justed wanted to let u know that it fit great the stereo sounded wonderful. I have some injuries that need to heal. but when I get another bike and need a fairing I will get one from u guys. made my bike look awesome. will definiitely recommend your product to friends. thanks again."

  Oct, 2012
~~Gilberto G Amparano, from Minnesota, US

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my Classic fairing for my Harley Road King and installed it on my bike. Great product, and the craftsmanship is excellent and the stereo sounds great. Your response time was very fast, and I would also have to compliment you on the packing...Great fiberglass box with plenty of foam wrap to protect it during shipping. I would recommend your fairing's to anyone. Thanks Tsukayu for a great product."

  Sep, 2012
~~Bruno L Miller, from Minnesota, US

" I do appreciate your excellent customer service. I will recommend your company whenever I can. I appreciate your help and will keep an eye out for more M109R accessories from your company.

  Sep, 2012
~~Dave Jenkins, from Arizona, US

"Thank you for the quick response and the quick shipping of my fairing. The fairing is great and
The stereo sounds very good and loud."

  Sep, 2012
~~RANDY HUDSON, from Mississipi, US

"I received my hard bags and am completely impressed. The packaging was impeccable and the quality is by far the best I have ever been exposed to. The installation was easy and they look incredible on my Yamaha Raider. Thank you"

  Sep, 2012
~~Billy Case, from Oklahoma, US

"I just want to say thank you and commend you all on a very nice product. I installed the fairing on my bike myself with no problems at all and I've had it on for about three weeks now with zero problems.
I have attached a picture of my 2007 Dyna Street Bob with the small batwing fairing attached.
Again, thank you for your service and a very nice product!"

  Aug, 2012
~~Jeremy Ingle, from Indiana, US

I went on the Road Star Clinic Forum and recomended you guys to all that will see it. Also, do I have your permision to give your name in pictures I post on there of my bike once I put the fairing on?
Thank you guys very much, as a sales manager I appreciate all that you guys have done!"

  Aug, 2012
~~Justin Feickert, from Minnesota, US

"I just wanted to send a message thanking you for the great service in gettin the bags to me on time! Also, I wanted to say what a great product they are! They are beautiful and I am proud to have them on my motorcycle! Thanks again!"

  Aug, 2012
~~Chris Williams, from Maryland, US

Just wanted to take a minute to Thank You. I received the Bags yesterday and they arrived On Time as you promised. They installed in all of about 15 minutes! The quality was amazing, packaged very well, and the fit and finish was exact!! We are in the Yacht Refinishing business, so compliments as to “fit and finish” don’t come easily from me!! It has been a pleasure dealing with your company and I will recommend you to any and all!! The bags look Great on my bike and I have already received many compliments!
Thank You for a job well done!"

  Aug, 2012
~~Art Cox, from Maryland, US

"Often times good work goes unrecognized. I am just sending you this e-mail to say thank you very much for the great work you do, and to commend you on the quality of your products. I have yet to have any of my customers be unsatisfied with their products. I hope to sell much more of your fine bags and fairings in the future. Thank you very much for making an extraordinary product."

  Aug, 2012
~~Chris Hudson, from Kentucky, US

"Just want to let know that i got my patrol bags in good condition, i install the bags on the bike and took on a 200 mile round trip,very happy with bags,well built bags and top quility brackets and hardware .Thanks again "

  Jul, 2012
~~Arnold North Lauderdale, from Florida, US

"Gentlemen, I received my batwing yesterday and I'm happy to say that I am impressed with the quality of the item and the shipping container that it was packed in. In the future, I would not hesitate to purchase any items that you may have that I would be interested in. Once again, I am impressed with the Tsukayu Corporation and the staff! Have a great day!
A satisfied customer, Lawrence."

  Jul, 2012
~~Lawrence Wiebe, from Manitoba, Canada

"I would like to let everyone at Tsukayu that your products are the best! In all my years of having these bags they hold up great, I have put 40,000 miles on my bike with these bags on and they are still working great."

  Jul, 2012
~~Brian Rich, from Arizona, US

"Dear Sirs, I have had your faring for a little over 8 weeks now. I love it and have recieved many compliments. Your company has been great to deal with and I have referred many and will also be a repeat customer for saddle bags in the future."

  Jul, 2012
~~Ed Peirce, from Kentucky, US

"Just wanted to drop u guys a line and say how extremely happy i am with my new fairing.The fit n finish is excellent as well as the super easy on and off."

  Jul, 2012
~~Danny Scott, from Michigan, US

"My shipment has arrived. Your packaging is excellent. No damages were noted. I hope to install the items in the next couple of days. Thank you. "

  Jun, 2012
~~Keith Paget, from Alberta, Canada

"I just received my order for my Yamaha 2009 Roadliner ( hard bags ) .
Great job, they are beautiful and can't wait to have them painted up as I would like.
Checked them out to fit my existing original mounts and they where perfect !
It was well worth the wait and you saved me a lot of money compared to the... cost if I would have bought them from my Yamaha Dealer.
Thank you "

  Jun, 2012
~~Richard An Coccimiglio, from Pennsylvania, US

"I'm looking forward to receiving the shipment of the Patrol Hardbags kit. I've read multiple forums and reviews on your product and the products of your competitors. I'm convinced I've made the right choice.
I'm also pleased to hear your company will provide me with updates on my shipment. I've had some negative experiences in the past with vendors who fail to keep the customer informed. I'm a firm believer in customer satisfaction. It's a pleasure to find a company such as yours who still believes in that. Thank you."

  May, 2012
~~Jim Drake, from Nevada, US

"I just received the Detachable VTX Hardbags ahead of the scheduled delivery date and they look great. The color match was perfect. Install was a snap. I would definately recommend these bags to anyone interested in a high quality hardbag."

  May, 2012
~~GLENN HASKELL, from Florida, US

"Received my Strong Bags Today and Thanks for a Great Service..
I have opened one of the Bags so far and WOW what a Quality Product for a Very Resonable Price
I will have them installed on the Bike Soon and if OK with you will send you some pics of your bags on my Bike
I would Recommend your Product and Service to my Buddy's who are in the Market for Saddlebags
Keep up the outstanding work Guys"

  Apr, 2012
~~JOE ZAMMIT, from Essex, United Kingdom

"Your fairing and stereo are great. Everyone that sees
the bike loves it. I'm very happy with your product..."

  Apr, 2012
~~PAUL P SHOTTER, from New York, US

"I have ordered another light set and will let you know how they fit. I appreciate your reply.
The hardbags and the fairing look VERY nice on the bike and I'm pleased with the fit and the quality of the product. I recommend them to people on the VTXOA and VTXCAFE forums."

  Apr, 2012
~~Kevin Dew, from Indiana, US

"Just to let you know I have recieved the saddlebags & I have fitted them to the motorcycle.
And let me tell you they look great & pletty of extra room to use very happy.
A speical thank you to your self &your company tsukayu. It has been a pleasure dealing with you."

  Apr, 2012
~~Rick Hindmarsh, from ACT, Australia

"I recieved my new hardbags for the 1300 vtx today and they are fantastic , installed them and tey look great ! Thanks for a great looking bag !..."

  Apr, 2012
~~Gary Grizzard, from Tennessee, US

"i would like to thank you and the workers for some great looking bags they are great. they look great on the vtx 1800 r . i got the jumbo stongs. had your team paint them. paint was what i was wanting..."

  Apr, 2012
~~tim roberts, from Ohio, US

"Just wanted to drop a line stating that I received the below listed order very safe and sound, even after it was misdirected once it got to the US. The packing was exceptional and the fairing looks great on the bike, I truely thank you for this excellent product, it exceeded my expectations.The sound quality and stereo features are awesome. Thank your production staff for me, they did an excellent job, can't wait for my hardbags and audio trunk to arrive to complete the package."

  Mar, 2012
~~JAMES SHARPE, from Mississipi, US

"I finally have the 3rd Gen Batwing installed on my Vulcan 900. It is gorgeous and those 6x9 speakers with the amp go hard!! I use it with my Ipod and the remote works perfectly. Even at 75mph on the highway, I can hear my music word for word. I will not hesitate to recommend this wonderful product. It's like I have a new bike!!"

  Mar, 2012
~~Belinda Little, from Missouri, US

"The fairing is on my bike; it looks and sounds GREAT! Installation was very easy. I will be telling anyone and everyone, about your product."

  Mar, 2012
~~Marvin Rivera, from Wisconsin, US

"I want to thank you guys for all your time and effort in resolving this issue. This was my mistake and I appreciate you guys helping me out so much. I cant want to get the new Fairing and let my friends and family know what great customer service you guys have."

  Feb, 2012
~~Anthony Pinheiro, from California, US

"WOW you guys rock... I received my bags today 120214K hard saddlebags or yamaha Vstar 650/1100 Primed I was totally impressed the way they were shipped, .. I can assure you that the motorcycle forum that I belong to will hearing about how good you guys are.. Which is the Yamaha motorcycle Forum world wide. Hopefully with my good review you will pick up some more business.
Have a good day."

  Feb, 2012
~~Ron Kirk, from BC, Canada

"Aloha from Hawaii,
Well guys, got them and there installed. Short road test yesterday, and so far so good. My parts buddies at the local Honda-Yamaha dealership were impressed and so was the custom shop I took it too for installation.
Nice work guys, as we were all impressed with the quality and attention to details. Will send you some pictures for your website soon since you don't have one for a Roadstar with exactly what I have on minds, which made me apprehensive about first ordering them from you."

  Feb, 2012
~~Howard Kam, from Hawaii, US

" Thanks so much for the strong bags and the touring trunk... great products... all my friends are asking about them... u guys should be getting a bunch of orders from here soon lol... Thanks so much.. once my bike comes out of the paint shop... i'd like to send some pics..."

  Feb, 2012
~~Alex B Jones, from Texas, US

"Can't say enough about the Customer Support/Service I've received from Tsukayu after the purchase of my fairing. It's really nice to deal with a company who understands the importance of post sales support.
Good luck to you and your company."

  Feb, 2012
~~Jim Hoover, from Minnesota, US

"Thank you, You have been great to work with. I have installed the fairing and it was an easy installation. The radio is giving me some trouble trying to program it but that is me not the radio. It looks awesome on my bike and it actually makes the bike handle better in the corners. It must be the extra weight in the front tire, I don't know but I like it. Thanks again."

  Feb, 2012
~~Lance L. McCray, from California, US

"The bags showed up today Thursday the 16th. I have to say they are some really good looking bags. The quality of work the Tsukayu bags are fantastic. Cannot wait to get them mounted to my bike. "

  Feb, 2012
~~Kurtis Moter, from Washington, US

"Got the bags yesterday, absolutely awesome. Because I have a backrest I’m having to get a couple longer bolts but other than that everything is cool. Will definitely be getting the batwing fairing as soon as I can afford it."

  Feb, 2012
~~Scott Fletcher, from Texas, US

"just received the touring trunk... this thing is AWSOME!! you guys did a great job.. i can't wait to get my hard bags in.... Thanks so much!!!"

  Feb, 2012
~~Alex B Jones, from Texas, US

"Thank you very much.
You are best seller I ever seen.
I'm really glad that."

  Jan, 2012
~~Yu Mori, from Japan

"Got the fairing yesterday and it is just amazing I am very please with everything from ordering ,contact and delivery of the product.
I thank you for all you done to try to please us.
I keep your site on bookmark and looking forward to do business with you again.
the funny thing is, I always had in mind you where from north Carolina USA reason why I asked if you would be at the Toronto super show.
you must have been thinking i was on Crack ha ha ha ha anyway, Thank you so much for all you done You got a new customer out of me I will keep picture of this Road King i am painting to show everyone the quality of your product and try to sell some for you We are heading to the Bike show this morning and will look at what is available down there marc"

  Jan, 2012
~~marc beaudin, from Ontario, Canada

"Received saddlebags today and husband was very pleased with them. Quality was top-notch and they looked great!
Will spread word to fellow bikers on your products.
Thanks and Happy New Year.!"

  Dec, 2011
~~Dawn Rowe, from Newfoundland, Canada

"I almost forgot to send you a note thanking you and your production facility for such great service. The bags arrived safe and sound last week. Great job . I will be painting them over the holiday as planned. Thanks again"

  Dec, 2011
~~Todd Sussenberger, from Alabama, US

"I have received the goods in good conditions and I want to thank you for the service that you sent it so fast.
It fits perfect and its look very nice and smooth.
I think I am the first one in this region from the Netherlands it make my bike complete...
Thank you again and I hope till the next order."

  Dec, 2011
~~Ton Boessen, from SM Nieuwegein, Netherlands

"To All who were involved with my order .....THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!! my bags are awesome! your customer service is awesome! you guys are awesome!!!!
i look forwards to buying a fairing from you! (when i save up the money)
again thank you very much and God bless!"

  Nov, 2011
~~DAVID R CUFF, from Virginia, US

"Check out the attached Photos of my 2010 Heritage FLSTC here in Pohang, Korea with the New Tsukayu 3rd Generation Fairing and Hard Bags Fitted.
They look Great and I have already received many Compliments on them locally and even from friends in the USA who are now considering your products. I am even considering Trading in my 2007 Harley Wideglide in Texas and Purchasing a New Heritage and ordering another set from you to Deliver to Texas...
I Appreciate all you have done to get these to me in a timely manner before my Trip. Your Products Rock!"

  Nov, 2011
~~Tracy Brockway, from Gyeongbuk, South Korea

"i am very excited to have found your company,i have been looking for hardbags for some time and just could not find exactly what i wanted,i believe your 'patrol' bags will compliment my bike very nicely,once installed i would like to contribute some photos to the gallery section,those photos played a big part in my decision to purchase from you,it helps to see a similar bike with the product installed.
I would also like to compliment you on your website,it is excellent,it has a fantastic amount of information including photos,detailed installation instructions and much more that other websites seem to be lacking,so again,thanks for contacting me and i can hardly wait for my bags to arrive,have a great weekend"

  Nov, 2011
~~Scott Rowley, from Pennsylvania, US

"Thank you for the info and for your prompt reply. I hope they pay you well; you certainly earn it!
The VTX hardbags are a work of art. EVERYONE who sees my VTX stops to check out the bags and fairing. I give your website to everyone! You will receive lots of requests for a luggage rack for the VTX bags!
Take care, Jason, and thanks again for your superb customer service. "

  Oct, 2011
~~Glenn H. Rucker, from California, US

"Just thought I would let you know that the saddlebags arrived safe and sound on October 11th. Just got around to getting them on the bike all went very well. I am always a little hesitant when ordering things to be shipped in etc. but they fit perfectly . Thanks for you co-operations
Thanks again and I have to say I am impressed with the quality of them."

  Oct, 2011
~~Ron Sather, from Saskatchewan, Canada

"Hello Jason and Cyril, my bags arrived yesterday and are in good shape. Thank you so much for taking care of me...
Thank you again and I will spread the word of your great service!!"

  Oct, 2011
~~Robert Michl, from British Columbia, Canada

"Thank you for assisting me.Your were recommended by a friend of mine he ensure me that you had good service."

  Oct, 2011
~~MICHAEL D KEMP-MCCOY, from North Carolina, US

"The bat wing fairing and VTX 1300 hard bags arrived in good shape. Thank you! They are beautiful!
It took most of the afternoon to install them, with some struggles, but they're on. Still need to tweak and do some adjusting.
It changed the handling of the bike a lot. The fairing weight has caused over steering at slow speeds and, of course, the bike is noticeably heavier. I've been riding since 1957, but I feel like a novice again!...
I rode the bike around town today and everyone who saw it did a thumbs up and circled it thinking it was a full custom. I'm loving it!
Attached is a photo. It is a 2005 Honda VTX1300.
Thank you again for the products and service. They are outstanding!"

  Sep, 2011
~~Glenn Rucker, from California, US

"my name is Max Reeves and I purchased your strong bags for my 03 vtx back in 2007. First Id like to say ive been VERY pleased with your product. Those bags have done everything I've asked of them and more.they even survived a low speed crash without cracking or breaking at all. The only negative i can say is that i purchased them before you offered the "quality chrome plated hinges". Im planning on repainting the bags but before i do id like to know how much (or if it would even be possible) to order the upgraded hinges to replace the old ones. It's been exciting to see your company grow with new products, and to see more and more people riding around with your bags and trunks. Well thanks for putting affordable quality stuff out and i look forward to doing business with you guys in the future."

  Aug, 2011
~~Max Reeves, from US

"Thanks for the hospitality at the recent Black Hills Rally at in Sturgis, South Dakota. I have sent along a picture of my 2004 VICTORY Kingpin custom. Last winters project was the addition of TSUKAYU (Large) Strongbags, a plain fairing and all new paint.
It's a great looking bike.
Thanks Tsukayu!"

  Aug, 2011
~~Sean McCafferty, from Washington, US

"Just wanted to say I received the batwing and I installed it this weekend and it awesome! Thanks again for the great product! I can provide before and after shots for your website if you’d like."

  Aug, 2011
~~Chris Blaich, from New York, US

"I just wanted to tell you that the batwing fairing was better than I expected. I love it! It looks great and the stereo system sounds wonderful! Thank you so much for the quick processing and shipment. Now I am ready for my long trip coming up."

  Aug, 2011
~~Debbie Burnett, from Georgia, US

"I received my fairing and have installed it on my bike and i love it. Thank you very much for getting back with me on my emails i sent you. Thanks for everything i will tell everyone where i got it from. If theres anyway i can leave yall some feedback just let me know. Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  May, 2011
~~Shane, from Indiana, US

"I just wanted to write to thank you for a great product. I purchased the strong hardbags for my Shadow Aero and had them color matched. The bags were put on by my shop as they also had to relocate the turn signals. The saddlebags look amazing! I get so many compliments ont hem. Also, they are probably the only bags I know of that are carpet lined and seem truly waterproof with the seals and design. I can't thank customer service enough for helping me with advise and information as I shopped around. I'll be putting some artwork on the bags to compliment the artwork on the bike (airbrush, freehand and Swarovski crystal).
I'm sending along a picture.
Once again, many thanks!"

  May, 2011
~~Marilyn Hansen, from New Jersey, US

"I want to thank you for providing a quality item for a great price.
The Batwing fairing fit my HD Roadking like a glove. Shipping was outstanding, I was impressed with the care you took packaging the fairing and it taking only three days to arrive once shipped."

  Apr, 2011
~~G.Williamson, from Texas, US

"Once again your response was exceptional. Tsukayu is a fine company on all levels! Thanks again."

  Mar, 2011
~~Kathy shiring, from Maryland, US

"Excellent work, and thank you very much! The saddlebags and trunk match the color and style of my VTX1300 as if they were stock equipment, but they're better than any of the Honda stock equipment or any of the competition I've seen.
Thanks very much for building me the larger brackets to solve the distance problem between the bags and trunk."

  Mar, 2011
~~Bruce G. Walters, from Georgia, US

"I received the package a little earlier today. I couldn't wait to get it opened and install my new saddlebags!
Neat-o! It took about 40 minutes to open them up, check them, and install them. DONE! And they look pretty! They are a tiny bit smaller than the stock ones, but so close to the same design they LOOK stock. Of course, they're shiny black instead of dull black leather. The helmet is a little bit of a squeeze to put in, but once in, it's good. And they are a little less deep. But, over all, very close. The install was super easy- they are very definitely made for my bike! I think this is an improvement to the look of the bike."

  Mar, 2011
~~Hunter N Kelley, from California, US

"Guys, I have to say I am impressed. From the time placed my order to the time I actually received the indestructible box that the fairing was shipped, your company was nothing more than spectacular. I received my fairing today, installed and wired it today and could not wait, so took a ride in the rain. Stereo sounds great, thanks for the upgraded speakers. Apart from the stereo, the fairing itself looks fantastic, fits like a glove, and will certainly turn some heads. I looked at other fairings locally as well as over the Internet, and I am oh so glad I chose Tsukayu. The quality is unmatched, the service was impeccable, and I can't wait to enjoy this for many years to come. This fairing was meant for my bike!
I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone I can who is looking for, or has not even thought about buying a new fairing.
Thank you once again!"

  Mar, 2011
~~Lance Cunningham, from Georgia, US

"I just wanted to say thank you and to let you know how GREAT your saddlebags are. They fit perfectly and the color match is just awesome. These are by far the best saddlebags I have ever seen. The installation was a breeze.
I have attached some pictures of the bags on my Kawasaki Vulcan VN 900 if you would like to use them on your web-site.
Again, thank you i am extremely happy with this product."

  Mar, 2011
~~ROBERT I HUNTSMAN, from New Mexico, US

"i have enclosed a picture of my 2007 Harley Davidson fatboy with the 6x9 batwing fairing and patrol hardbags. I am very pleasaed with the look your product has given my bike. Both products were very easy to install and fit perfectly!!"

  Mar, 2011
~~Jason A schmidt, from British Columbia, Canada

"Just wanted to let you know that I received the fairing. It looks great on my bike. I will be showing it off at a Rally that I am going to here in Texas. I have so many people asking me about where I bought it. I do not know how to pronounce the name of your company, but am giving it a try. Thanks again for all of your help."

  Mar, 2011
~~Glenn Porter, from Texas, US

"I just received my Jumbo Strong Hardbags and thought a note to your company was in order. I ordered a set of your Patrol Hardbags over 5 years ago and had been using them on my bike up until I read more reviews by consumers that your product was so good... I am pleased to say that your product has come along way for the good since my purchase several years ago and I am impressed with the quality latches, hinges and fiberglass work as well as the paint job. It is very commendable that your company has strived and achieved such an improved product and I am glad that I decided to try your company again.
I will be very happy to recommend your product to anyone that inquires. Keep up the excellent work!"

  Feb, 2011
~~Chris Harbaugh, from Connecticut, US

"I had great experience with your customer service and enjoyed your hardbags to this date.
Hope I get to purchase another product from your online store soon."

  Feb, 2011
~~Joe Tay, from Singapore

"That’s my word for the testmonials: I want to tell many thanks. Hardbags for VTX are magnificent. Very high workmanship, simple installation.
The motorcycle became the presents tourer.
Yaroslav Smolyanets, Moscow.
And many thanks to you Jason. For your help.
You are the best."

  Feb, 2011
~~Yaroslav Smolyanets, from Moscow, Russia

"I have received my saddle bags today,and they look great!The fitment and the finish (gloss black) are outstanding.A grand total of 8 minutes to instal and adjust the quick release brackets.But once thats done it takes 5 secondes per sides to remove and re-instal with the quick release handles.Cant wait to show theme off to my freinds!
Thank you"

  Feb, 2011
~~Jean Cousineau, from Montreal, Canada

"WOW!!!! What great service and product!!! We received the bags in perfect condition on Wednesday Feb 2. We
are looking forward to our "dealer package" so we can start to promote the product AND service! AMAZING! Great Job!
THANK YOU very much!"

  Feb, 2011
~~Denise Velez, from Nayarit, Mexico

"i received my order yesterday and was astounded at the quality of the bags and also with the forethought in the packaging. never have i seen anything like it. thank you very much. it is highly unlikely i will ever throw away that box.thank you again."

  Jan, 2011
~~Donald Goodale, from Alberta, Canada

"I purchased a set of your original Strong bags about 5 years ago. I have been generally pleased with them."

  Jan, 2011
~~Wayne Zimmerman, from Kansas, US

"I purchased a set of your Jumbo Hard Saddle bags for my 2006 Suzuki Boulevarde C90T two years ago. I am happy to say that I am very happy with them and they serve me very well..."

  Jan, 2011
~~Jack Wood, from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

"I purchased a set of your Vinyl Strong Bags for a friends Ace 750. Wasn't sure what to expect but have to say that I'm very impressed with the overall look, feel and detail of the vinyl work."

  Dec, 2010
~~Rodney Forman, from Georgia, US

"Various pictures from all over eastern Canada. These bags are totally waterproof and the storage capacity is huge. My next machine will definitely have Tsukayu bags installed.
I love these bags. Best investment I ever made. Thanks"

  Dec, 2010
~~Patrick Mccarron, from eastern Canada

"Thank you so much for sending us the correct fairing, we got it today. It is beautiful, and matches the motorcycle perfectly.
You do great work and in the future when I need anything else like this done, you will be the first one I contact. I will pass your name on to our motorcycle riding friends. It was a pleasure to do business with Tsukayu. Keep up the good work, we are satisfied customers... Again, it was a pleasure doing business with you and thank you again. We are so happy!"

  Dec, 2010
~~Sonja Mathews, from Texas, US

"I have received my V-Star 1300 specific painted hardbags and I am very pleased with the bags. They are better than I expected them to be. I did not notice any pictures of them mounted on the bike on your website, so I would be happy to provide you with some if you are interested."

  Dec, 2010
~~Jon Lawrence, from Tennessee, US

"My name is Chris Williams and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. Originally from Idaho, which is where I purchased my Yamaha Roadliner. The reason I am writing you is to tell you "THANK YOU" so much Tsukayu, for building parts for the Roadliner/Stratoliner including the new detachable hardbags for our bikes. There are not a lot of companies that make aftermarket accessories for our bikes.
As a Gulf War Veteran with disabilities and a limited budget I really appriciate that you build affordable products that are quality and are better looking than other aftermarket companies, including factory products from Star/Yamaha.
I haven't yet been able to purchase the hardbags and fairing yet, due to alittle lack of finances, but I am saving and as soon as I can I will be sporting your products on my bike.
I tell all my forum Liner Buddies about you guys and send them your way as much as I can ( including all my other buddies who ride other bikes like Harley, Honda, etc. etc.)
Anyway I just wanted to let you know, that what you guys are doing is great, and we appriciate it!"

  Dec, 2010
~~Chris Williams, from Utah, US

"WOW! Thank you...Tsukayu staff!
Received my batwing today - just 5 days after your email confirming the shipment.
Now that's service!
We are looking forward to the installation and our "new" bike for the upcoming season!
Thanks again"

  Nov, 2010
~~Dana J McComber, from British Columbia, Canada

"The delivery was on time and the packaging was excellent.
I have to say that it looks great and I'm looking forward to installing it for next year.
Here in Manitoba, the winter is starting and the bike will be parked quite soon.
I was a little hesitant in ordering from you, but after seeing the quality, I would not hesitate to order from you again. maybe the hard saddlebags next year?
Anyway, I thought you would appreciate a compliment, as I'm sure people don't hesitate to complain.
You're welcome to use this as a reference on your website if you wish.
Thx again."

  Oct, 2010
~~Mark Basson, from Manitoba, Canada

"Thank you for you help. I appreciate you and the quality of the product. Perfect look for the bike. Thank you."

  Oct, 2010
~~Mark Thompson, from Florida, US

"Very impressed with quality and ease of fitting (also pretty glad I got the bike specific - pre-drilled eased any concerns I might have had. When I've got everything finsihed, I'll send through some photos and a review. Thanks very much for what has been a very painless experience."

  Oct, 2010
~~Peter Pelzer, from Victoria, Australia

"Thank you for your quick response to my request! You have greatly increased my confidence with your company. My compliments on your fast customer service!"

  Oct, 2010
~~Vincent Pinello, from New York, US

"I resently bought the strong hard bags from you all. I wanted to say that they are absolutely wonderful. They were more then I could have ever expected them to be. You all make the best hard bags out there hands down."

  Sep, 2010
~~Evan Behymer, from Missouri, US

"I am very impressed with your product and over impressed with the way it was packed for shipping. ( VERY GOOD ) I will promote your products to my friends that may need them."

  Sep, 2010
~~Wes Bowling, from Virginia, US

"My friend told me Tsukayu was a wonderful company to deal with and he was right. I will be telling my friends about your products!"

  Sep, 2010
~~Scott Boyd, from Toronto, Canada

"Realy apreciate the good service and got a couple of friends that are intrested in gething a fering so i'll be glade to tell them all about you and the good service i received. Nice to know by living so far away and still keep good service... Thanks again . Alonzo Basque "SOUND GREAT""

  Sep, 2010
~~Alonzo Basque, from New Brunswick, Canada

I would leave a good review, but I don't see a way to do it. I'll just write an email.
September 2010: I just got my fairing installed. It's beautiful. Workmanship and attention to detail is off the charts. The radio/CD player is quite good. I especially appreciate the built-in outlet to keep your Ipod/ phone charged. Your 3G phone and/ or bluetooth phone works great through the speakers and mic provided. I will be adding their saddlebags this spring. So far my research says the saddlebags are superior to anything I have seen."

  Sep, 2010
~~LEE DAVIDSON, from Iowa, US

"Received my saddlebags this evening,i have not had the time to fit them due to work and packing for hollidays.
I was very impressed when i seen them and will look even better when on my bike,i will be in touch when i have fitted them.
Its been a pleasure shopping with you, great service from start to finish. "

  Aug, 2010
~~Thomas Jordan, from County Donegal, Ireland

"I just received my Strong hard bags for my Yamaha V-Star 1100 Custom and wanted to send you some pictures. These are easily some of the most impressive bags I've seen, both in quality and function. The shipping container alone really shows how serious you guys are when it comes to customer satisfaction. Thanks again for making a great product and I will hardily recommend your products to my friends."

  Aug, 2010
~~Tom Colarusso, from New York, US

"I have had your jumbo strong bags on my 2000 vstar 1100 classic for over two years now. They still look as good today at the day I got them. I have to admit, it was really hard waiting for them to ship. But when they did, WOW! 48 hours later they were at my doorstep in this box that really kept them safe. I really appreciate their large size. I can put a 16 inch laptop in an attaché type case in them and there is still room! They worked out great when I went to Glacier Park Montana last year. You already have photos of my bike. It is the black vstar 1100 classic. They really compliment the bike by following the fender and make my bike look huge."

  Aug, 2010
~~Scott Anderson, from Nebraska, US

"I purchased some Coner Hardbags with integrated taillights in them a few months ago. I couldn't be happier with the quality of the bags."

  Aug, 2010
~~George Madden VII, from Hawaii, US

"Just wanted to let you know that I really like the Bike Specific Strong Hardbags Kit (Ready to paint), which I installed on a Suzuki Boulevard C50. The hardware fit perfectly, including the guards, and everything worked out well. I painted them to match the bike's color scheme (including matching pin stripping) and mounted '39 Ford tear- drop tail lights.
Thanks for putting out a high-quality product."

  Aug, 2010
~~Bruce Rigby, from New Jersey, US

"I just want to say Thank You!!! The Fairing is perfect. Just wired up and works and looks great!!!!!"

  Aug, 2010
~~Thomas Cain, from Georgia, US

"I have only one question, that is why other companies are not as easy to deal with as you.  This is the second time that you have inpressed me and without a doubt I will recommend you."

  Aug, 2010
~~Max Marchant, from Florida, US

"Thanks for the wonderful support. I installed my saddlebags a couple of weeks ago and so far I love them. A lot of thought must have been put into the design since they are so easy to use. Great design work and construction!"

  Aug, 2010
~~David J Audette, from Massachusstes, US

"I have been very pleased with the jumbo strong saddlebags on my wife's 900 Kawasaki.  The have given us good service for the last three years."

  Aug, 2010
~~Mike Fryman, from Kentucky, US

"I left a voice message yesterday and you responded to it...thanks for your time and fast reply to my phone messeage your bags are the best on the market and I really enjoy them."

  Aug, 2010
~~Jaye Tkac, from Michigan, US

"Thank you very much for getting the Jumbo Bags to me… they are great – I am showing them off to others in our riding club. You may see some orders come in, as many people really like them."

  Aug, 2010
~~Jerry Dube, from New Hampshire, US

"My name is Roland Brodeur and I purchased my saddle bags and trunk, pick # 24 is of the rear of the bike, pick # 55 is the right side of the bike, pick # 54 is of the rear of the full bike. My bike is a 2002 Suzuki Volusia Intruder. Would you add these pictures to your Suzuki lineup they may help to sell more of your product."

  Aug, 2010
~~Roland Brodeur, from Florida, US

"I recieved my fairing in June and am extremely satisfied with the quality & fit. I have been riding my bike every chance I get now. I will be influencing all that ask about my new fairing."

  July, 2010
~~Erik Morales, from North Carolina, US

"Just wanted to write and tell you thanks for a great product.I wasn't really sure if I wanted to buy a fairing for my custom 2001 harley deuce or not,but I decided to, and am I ever so glad I picked you guys to get it from..Thanks again for a great product.Here are a couple of pics of it on my bike."

  July, 2010
~~William Barcomb, from New York, US

"I plan to write a formal review of the fairing in a day or so. I went on a ride this weekend that was about 1750km. The fairing held up well. It vibrates & seems "loose" over bumpy roads but overall, it was great."

  July, 2010
~~Paul Brown, from Ontario, Canada

"The Heritage Classic bags we ordered from your are EXCELLENT, I am very happy with the fit, appearance, workmanship, and price.  Much better than anything Harley Davidson had to offer for the bike. "

  July, 2010
~~Lynn Sanderson, from British Columbia, Canada

"Hi! I am installed your fairing and very glad!...
I enjoy your fairing and riding with it more than 1 month. That is ok. 
There are some photos of my Honda Steed. At now i can call him Honda Electra Glide. lol
Thank you, guys!"

  July, 2010
~~Aleksander Konik, from Moscow, Russian Federation

"The fairing arrived today,its beautiful and the workmanship is excellent... the way it was packed was so professional
Thanking You "

  June, 2010
~~Neil S Taylor, from Ontario, Canada

"Package arrived just an hour or so ago!  AWESOME packing!!  I can't get over the fiberglass shipping container. I've received over a hundred different items in the past and have never had one this well packed. Well done!  I've unwrapped one of the bags attached the hinge and put on the water seal. Fits like a glove!  Well made!  The fender will arrive tomorrow from paint and I'll set up the bags.  I'll send you a picture before I get them painted when mounted on the bike."

  June, 2010
~~Gerald H Allen, from Arizona, US

"I received my Fairing in excellent condition. I've installed it on my Kawasaki with no problems, and everything works as advertised. I am very pleased with the workmanship and the fitment of parts. Thank you again."

  June, 2010
~~Jerry C. Ward, from Florida, US

"i wanted to say thank you guys for the products...i purchased a front fairing with 6x9's, strong bags and hard bag bar gaurds....the color matched piceces were perfect and everything went on fairly easy....  the bike looks great, i will sent some pics as soon as i get mt lights on....thank you for a great product!"

  June, 2010
~~Brandon McCarroll, from California, US

"Thank you so much!
  Hey guys I just want to thank you for such a great product. I received my order last week and everything was just as you stated. Super fast shipping from your door to mine in four days, what can you say but WOW! Packed very well in its own fiberglass box with no damage or scratches. Install was easy in about two hours. Love the GPS and the radio kicks butt. Finish is flawless and the gloss black matches by bike perfectly. From the attention to detail on my fairing to the way you handled my customer service, you guys have earned an A+. Way to go. I have included pictures of your product installed on my 09 Road King Standard.Copy and paste the attached URL for Pics. Enjoy...
Happy Motoring"

  June, 2010
~~Philip J Narducci, from Virginia, US

"I recently received my strong hard bags and have mounted them on my bike.
The bags look awesome and I'm very pleased with the craftsmanship..."

  June, 2010
~~PAUL L VASSALLO, from Ontario, Canada

"I just received the new bracket.
You will be glad to hear its fits 100% perfectly.
I also wish to thank you for the great support and help you have provide.
I will give you a great review in the motorcycle mojo magasize.  I will be sending piuctures to you and the magazine
thanks again"

  June, 2010
~~Paul L Charles, from Ontario, Canada

"Hello, I recently ordered a color matched GPS fairing from you.  I am very happy with it and it was easy to install.  I'm loving the look..."

  June, 2010
~~Joseph D. Barber III, from Kansas, US

"I received my order and the Patrol Bags are absolutely beautiful. The quality of your product and the shipping container is beyond my expectations. Thanks also for your great service and communication. I will be buying the GPS fairing next. "

  June, 2010
~~Nat Abraham, from Ontario, Canada

"Just wanted to thank everyone at TSUKAYU for the Strong hardbags I just installed on my V-Star 1100.  I ordered your bags on a Sunday night and was still able to speak to a representative.  She was very helpful in placing the order.  I had the bags  within 7 days and was able to send them to the painter quickly.  As a result of your companies quick shipping and customer service I was able to install them within 14 days of ordering the bags.  I have already begun getting compliments on the bags and am so glad that I chose your company to do business with.  The bags are well constructed and have a huge amount of room.  The bags match the bike perfect and created the “look” I was attempting to achieve.  I will highly recommend your company and products."

  May, 2010
~~Daren Kullman, from New York, US

"I received my bags and am very pleased with them. They are made well and painted the way I wanted them. The bags were also easy to put onto the motorcycle.... Please be so kind as to answer my question. Thank you very much for your time."

  May, 2010
~~Joyce DeLaujrentis, from Indiana, US

"Thank you so much for the courteous and informative reply.  You guys are top notch and I have recommended you to several fellow riders who have admired my new fairing."

  May, 2010
~~Randall Walters, from Arkansas, US

"... I can’t say enough about how great your company’s service is. Calvin did an excellent job and I enjoyed my new GPS unit all the way home."

  Apr, 2010
~~Rick Kreutzberger, from Arizona, US

"Absolutely no problem at all.  I also wanted to let you know that I met a customer of your just yesterday and got a chance to see the fine quality of the products your company produces and am more excited now than I was when I ordered last month. They could not speak more highly of a gentlemen and actually named you by name.  They were really impressed with the service and the attention to detail.  They told me I would be extremely pleased with the final product.  It is not often that we hear good things about ourselves and thought I would share this with you...
Again thank you so much and I will be sure to provide you with excellent feed back once the products arrive as part of your testimonials."

  Apr, 2010
~~Sylvin Lepine, from Ontario, Canada

"Hi Just a note, got my trunk and bags, They look really impressive, seem to be a great product, Sent them out to be painted this morning , I am really impressed with the way they went through customs. Thanks again"

  Apr, 2010
~~Greg Duggan, from Ontario, Canada

"Just want too say thanks!  Fairing looks great and the radio sounds good!  You guys make an excellant product and I will recommend Tsukayu to my friends."

  Apr, 2010
~~Lonnie Sturkey, from Illinois, US

"I want to thank you for my new Fairing. It came a business day earlier than expected, and the packaging was excellent. The Fairing was in excellent condition and I was very impressed. I installed it it a couple hours, the installation was very easy. Thanks once again, it was great doing business with you."

  Mar, 2010
~~Jason Constable, from California, US

"I would like let you know that I am very pleased with my purchase.  I looked at alot of different brands and yours seems to be the best quality for a reasonable price.  I have gotten alot of compliments on it and I have also passed your company name on to a couple of people who are interested in possibly purchasing as well."

  Mar, 2010
~~Tim Estel, from Pennsylvania, US

"EXCELLENT accessory! ...I will be sure to recommend your fine company."

  Mar, 2010
~~Edmond Leonard, from Virginia, US

"Thank You so much for the excellent customer service. It has been a pleasure dealing with a company that cares about the customer and not just about the sale. Tsukayu makes a quality product at a reasonable cost and I am very happy with the communication between you and your customers. Once again thank you."

  Mar, 2010
~~Raymond Leslie, from Ontario, Canada

"I just wanted to let you know that I just got my bags back from painting. I was going to send you some nice photos that you could use on your site, that is if you want to do that. I am going to Africa tomorrow where I work so I might not have time to send these photos until closer to the end of this month.
I want you to know that I love my new bags :)  They look great and I have gotten so many nice comments on them from friends and people I don't know. One of the man in my riding club was going to buy hard bags from Corbin but he liked my bags so much that he is thinking about buying bags from you guys."

  Feb, 2010
~~Gunnsteinn Jonsson, from British Columbia, Canada

"I have the fairing on the bike but have not yet tried it out on the roads, we still have 13 inches of snow on the ground here in Michigan. I did receive the Punch speakers and installed them into the fairing, I had to drill out some new holes to make the speakers fit properly and it ended up looking pretty good. I am very happy with the unit and also have had some nice compliments from everyone who has stopped by my shop to check it out. Here are some pics of the fairing, if you choose to do so please feel free to use them on your web site. In a couple of months when the sun starts to shine and the grass turns green I’ll take a few more pics for you. Thanks again for all our help."

  Feb, 2010
~~Gary Lukasik, from Michigan, US

"Thanks you so much for the service and the Roadking Fairing.  It is wonderful, and I truly like the fit on the road king.  I was very worried about the color match, but I have to say the color on the fairing was an exact match.  I've attached two pictures that you can put on your website.  I'm very pleased to have done business with Tsukayu.  BTW, I first noticed your company last year in Laughlin."

  Feb, 2010
~~James Lopez, from New Mexico, US

"I just want to say thank you for all your time and patience with getting things straightened out with my fairing. I finally got it mounted and I have attached some pictures if you would like to post them on your website for others to see. The bags in the picture are the Jumbo strong set that I had put on last year... I am happy with both and I can't wait until the weather around here warms up so I can try out the fairing. As you can see from the pictures we have snow on the ground here. Again, thank you!"

  Feb, 2010
~~Randy Seichter, from Wisconsin, US

"well done – i have received the jumbo hardbags yesterday. The fiber transport box is great – I can’t find the smallest transport damage.
I can’t mount the hardbags yet (terrible could winter in germany) – but everything looks to be complete.
Delivering my order happens really fas ...
I’d recommend Tsukay to anyone!"

  Jan, 2010
~~Thomas Wahle, from Dortmund, Germany

"I confirm that I have received the rigid suitcases at home, in perfect condition. I want to congratulate them on their professionalism and seriousness in the work. Product quality is very high and so states in Spain motorcycle forums in which I participate, so humble working with you in expanding and publicizing the Tsukayu product quality and the professionalism and excellent customer service you provide. Yours sincerely."

  Jan, 2010
~~Angel Gallego Sebastiá, from Valencia, Spain

"Coner hard bags arrived well and they are better than on your website. And box where they came is great.  Everything  was perfect.  Congratulation for your work and keep on."

  Jan, 2010
~~Esméria, from Porto, Portugal

"I opened them up yesterday and put the tops on.
I want to tell you I was amazed at the fit and finish.  Sorry, but sometimes Americans think that best quality is American or European, and Asian items are known to be cheaper, and for Americans, normally cheaper means bad quality.  This is not true with your bags.  Excellent quality.  Beautiful bags.  Superior hardware...
I will tell all my friends about your company and products."

  Jan, 2010
~~Bryan Boyce, from Colorado, US

"...many thanks for your answer.
At the moment I have no more questions, and wait impatiently for the suitcases which they soon come. The questions I had you have answered to me very well, thus I me as soon as the suitcases have immediately come to the assembly can give. I believe them will look really well in my baby. If everything is varnished ready and is mounted I send you sometimes a picture. Till then"

  Jan, 2010
~~Karl Janowski, from Scheven, Germany

"Morning...just a quick note to let you know that we received the order on Jan 12.  Very pleased with the packaging and my husband loves the bags!  Thanks again!"

  Jan, 2010
~~Tracy Donaldson, from Saskatchewan, Canada

"...just a note to say I tested all the functions of the unit and everything is working properly, that is one powerful piece of equipment I am really impressed with the whole product. It’s been a pleasure to deal with you and thanks for all the quick replies.....
I’ll send some pictures when I get the flames painted on the fairing if you choose you can use them for your website. Thanks again for all your help."

  Jan, 2010
~~Gary Lukasik, from Michigan, US

"I meant to send you another thank you a long time ago.....attached are pictures of the bags after painted & installed on my bike. I received them in time for my trip to the East Coast.
Once again, I appreciate everything you and your staff have done to make my purchase extraordinary.
I have recommended you to everyone who asks me about the bags, as I get compliments on them often.

  Jan, 2010
~~Sue Ujhegyi, from Ontario, Canada

"Thank You very much for your fast shipment of the correct parts.. I want to Finnish up my corner handbags and then get the Fairing for my bike. It is a pleasure doing business with your company. Again thank you.. "

  Jan, 2010
~~Timothy M Pearson, from Virginia, US

"Hey Jason, the bags arrive here on the 29th! Incredible ordered on the 18th and here in 11 days! Awesome! On the way to the customer. He will be applying it on a New 2010 Triumph Thunderbird 1600. I will let you know the results and send you pictures as this will be a first for this bike with your bags. "

  Jan, 2010
~~Ed Hofstrand, from Wisconsin, US

"Many thanks for your positive quick reply. I appreciate very much of your wonderful assistance.
You can expect some photos of my motorcycle  after installation, with description (in February or March).

  Dec, 2009
~~KI SOO KIM, from KYEONGGIDO, South Korea

"Hello...just wanted to drop you a line letting you know I am very happy with my new Strong Bags. They look great on my bike and I've attached a couple pictures.
I'm pretty proud of the work I've done on my bike and by far this upgrade was the best. The look I wanted is coming together!
The ordering process was simple. The shipping time was pretty incredible (2.5 weeks). Packaging was first class. The quality of the bags is truly amazing for the price. Instructions were good all though I had researched these bags on line and had been studying the instructions for weeks prior to getting the bags. I was ready when they showed up...lol!
I would recommend these bags to anyone. I will be taking the bike for a ride today to show my buddies the bags! It's only 42 Degs F but I don't care."

  Dec, 2009
~~Michael McCormack, from North Carolina, US

"I’m very impressed with the faring and full stereo, I can hardly contain myself ‘till I get it all painted and working. "

  Dec, 2009
~~Norval Wallen, from Louisiana, US

"First let me say that the saddlebags arrived in great condition. How couldn't they? One look at the packaging container and I knew I had purchased a quality product from a quality company. When I opened the box and unwrapped the saddlebags I was rather blown away. The fit and finish is pure quality. Thank you so much for marketing such a high end quality product. I'll be sure to send pictures in the spring when I can get them mounted. I hope to send you lots of business. I have looked and waited more than two years to get the right saddlebag. Boy did you people at Tsukayu deliver.. "

  Dec, 2009
~~Gordon Wasson II, from Massachusstes, US

"Today I received the order by Fedex. Please accept my compliments for the quick fulfillment, as well as for a fine packing job. The fiber box and the wrapping of the bags made sure that the items arrived here in perfect shape. "

  Dec, 2009
~~Martin Scholing, from Arizona, US

"I recently purchased Jumbo Strong bags and a trunk from yourselves - excellent product - just getting them sprayed  now and I'll send you some pictures when I have them fitted. "

  Dec, 2009
~~Sean Collard, from Dublin, Ireland

"Thanks- It is good to see that you stand behind your products and do the right thing. I will spread the word of your great customer service. "

  Dec, 2009
~~Kevin M Brislin, from Pennsylvania, US

"I received thefairing this week and I'm very impressed by the quality and the care in shipping. Thank you again for a great product and great service. "

  Dec, 2009
~~Dan Thornton, from Arizona, US

"I received the bags yesterday. They are really beautiful. That’s really fast, only 12 days after ordering I have received my bags. Thank you...
...I have to tell you that I’m very impressed with Tsukayu product and services. The bags are so beautiful. The paint, brackets, hinges and locks are of top quality. Can’t believe what I’m getting with this price and free shipment via Fed Ex! That’s really something, but the one that really got to me was the packing. Fiberglass box and well padded, locked with bolt and nuts. Even the local Fed Ex guy was very impressed when I opened it in front of him! Definitely money well spent on this bag. With such quality and your really good customer service, I bet you guys will be up there with the big boys very soon. Keep up the good job Tsukayu!
p/s: I was not taxed by the customs ...!"

  Dec, 2009
~~Arnan A Rahman, from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Thank you for the fast process and shipment of my order ... I will be ordering the faring sometimes after the 1st of the year.. Thank You...
Thank you they will help a lot I Hope I send you some customers... Your products are great and high quality I will be ordering from you again... Thanks .... "

  Dec, 2009
~~Timothy M Pearson, from Virginia, US

"Just wanted to let you know that I received my fairing and have installed it. I just have to tell you how much I love it. Great fit little effort to install and a great look. Once I can get it out of the shed I will send you pictures it will be a few moths until spring and snow it gone. I would recommend this fairing to all 1100 V-Star Custom owners. I have done a lot of custom work on my bike and your fairing has finished it off. My bike looks BAD ASS. Thanks"

  Dec, 2009
~~Kevin Stevens, from Washington, US

"I love the product and so do my friends, I hope you are getting sales from my showing off your fairing"

  Dec, 2009
~~Lawrence Hopkins, from Michigan, US

"Your customer service is one of the best :) I will defiantly make a note of that when people start to ask me about my bags :)"

  Dec, 2009
~~Gunnsteinn Jonsson, from British Columbia, Canada

"Thank you. I am very pleased with your product, and the fast shipping."

  Dec, 2009
~~Mike Seders, from West Virginia, US

"I received my order today at 3:00PM eastern time. Boy was I surprised as you did say it would be a few weeks yet. I think you have me confused with someone else. The bags look super and are nicer than I hoped for. I have to say the quality is very good and I am happy.
PS I hope I can send you many orders when the other guy's see them."

  Dec, 2009
~~George Curry, from Rhode Island, US

"Thanks for the quick reply. I really appreciate it as good services are hard to find these days. Keep it up!"

  Dec, 2009
~~Arnan A Rahman, from Selangor, Malaysia

"Thank You for the notice of your sale, I just forwarded this e mail to a friend who will be ordering some strong bags in the next four or five days. I enjoy my strong bags and feel they are the best on the market. Keep sending me e mails and I will keep sending you customers. Merry Christmas to all of you."

  Nov, 2009
~~Kelly Bradley, from Oregon, US

"I received the package with the windshield today, and can't wait to get it installed on my bike........
Your windshield arrived before the memphis shades brackets I ordered from the USA.
What great service and delivery timing you guys have........."

  Nov, 2009
~~Peter Schilling, from Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for your prompt service look forward to receiving them."

  Nov, 2009
~~Gordon Elder, from Alberta, Canada

"Thank You for the quick shipment of my Corner Hardbags they look great on my bike. I will be ordering the small fairing after the first of the year. Again THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH...."

  Nov, 2009
~~Timothy M Pearson, from Virginia, US

"I purchased a set of jumbo hard bags for my bike back in May 2009,which imvery pleased with nice job on the color matching too."

  Nov, 2009
~~chuck Orozco, from Washington, US

Just a short note to say thank you!
The Trunk and luggage rack arrived as promised.
It installed beautifully on my 2006 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic.
The workmanship is superb. The black gloss matches my bike color perfectly.
The trunk works perfectly with the saddlebags I had bought 3 years previous.
Thank You."

  Nov, 2009
~~Scott Wright, from Michigan, US

"Here are some pics of my bike with the batwing fairing and jumbo strong hardbags painted to match the bike...looks great! I have recommended your site to many people...I think that my bike will get lots of attention with the new paint job. Thanks for the great quality parts. A very happy customer!"

  Nov, 2009
~~ Barry Sheppard, from Nova Scotia, Canada

"Received it today, excellent condition, looks great also."

  Nov, 2009
~~ Philip Darling, from Arizona, US

"Hi i just recently ordered a set of your patrol bags un painted and wow what a great product you guys have. The customer that ordered them was very pleased... Also if you have any brochures flyers or lititure on your products that i can show my customers because i have been getting alot of customer interested in your bags."

  Nov, 2009
~~ Adam, from Nevada, US

"I'm Jose Padin Abal.
This afternoon I received my fairing well.
Actually I was impressed with the quality of the box and the speed with which the package has arrived.
I think the article is of very good quality and I am glad that it comes with the music equipment installed .
I have not yet installed on the bike but I think it has great difucultad not and should not be any problem.
Of course I'm going to recommend to my friends who are motorcycle.
Thanks for everything"

  Nov, 2009
~~ JOSE PADIN ABAL, from Narón, Spain

"Hi My name is Christian from Chile  in southamerica, I have two beautifull pair of tsukayu hardbags well I send to you a picture of my motorcycle,  that is a yamaha xvs 650 v-star classic, or drag star (is the same), with a pair of tsukayu patrol hard bags. I hope so, that you shown  my motorcycle on your website...thanks very much, Im very happey with my bags, are very goods, also with you service"

  Nov, 2009
~~ Christian Fernandez , from Chile, South America

"I purchased a set of patrol bags for my 2000 suzuki Intruder in 2007(very happy with them,great quality)"

  Nov, 2009
~~ Wayne, from Ohio, US

"I am so excited, the fairing looks great.  We are waiting for a new fender to arrive, and when time allows get it painted and installed.. will send photos when finished!!"

  Oct, 2009
~~ Judy Urban, from New York, US

"Great!!! One more question…..will these bags have the L.E.D. lights?... I would prefer to have the lights as they will complete the ‘custom bagger’ theme. Also, the lights are one of your stronger selling points. I think they are well done; very clean appearance."

  Oct, 2009
~~Gary N. Herndon, from South Carolina, US

"I appreciate all your efforts in ensuring my satisfaction of not only the product but the service as well.
I am very please with the fairing and customer service received. I look forward to completing the installation of the fairing on my Duece.
It compliments my bike well."

  Oct, 2009
~~ Timothy Dryer, from Missouri, US

"I have all ready appreciate your williness to help me, your professionalism and your good customer service. So thank you very much for responding and helping.
I cant say Thanks enough for your willness to help me out."

  Oct, 2009
~~ Anthony J. Quartaro, from California, US

"My order for the Patrol Hardbags arrived today. (10-19-09) Way sooner than expected.  All is in tact and looks good. This has been a flawless and pleasant  experience doing business with  you guys. Thank you very much!  Will HIGHLY recommend you to all that inquire."

  Oct, 2009
~~ Hershel R. Henderson, from Texas, US

"Thanks to the sales staff and everyone who was responsible for our order arriving sucessfully.  My husband is so excited with the purchase of the saddle bags that he can't keep himself away from them.  Even when the heater went out in the garage, he stayed out there adjusting, polishing, and just admiring his new bags.  You all are fantastic.  Thanks again."

  Oct, 2009
~~ Mrs. Dutch, from Virginia, US

"thank you very much. I have the The Strong Hard Bags.... The gaurds will look awesome... Looking forward to the fairing and hard bag guards. The Strong Hard Bags Have been perfect ..always asked where I got them.... I give them your web site.... Tell them what great service and products you have..... as they have seen by my Hard Bags...  Thanks again . Can hardley wait to get fairing ,  I have a painter ready to paint them  ( Fairing , and Hard Bags ) ... Take care .."

  Oct, 2009
~~ Russell B DeSpain, from Arizona, US

"I love your company philosophy and quality."

  Oct, 2009
~~ John Nobara, from Oregon, US

"hey i bought your fairing a year ago for my 1994 roadking and i love it, you have a great product and feel free to display the pictures on your web sight."

  Oct, 2009
~~ Mark Bowsher, from Ohio, US

"I would like to thank you for your Batwing fairing. It is beautiful and of great quality!"

  Oct, 2009
~~ John Nobara, from New York, US

"you guys sure know how to take care of your customer never seen such a good service your company his very fortunate to have people like you no wonder your selling a lot of fairings keep up the good work, no problem Quennie no big rush they are calling for snow here this weekend so Im not in a big rush my bike his away for the winter thank you again for the great service Ron. and by the way Im recommanding your company to everybody I know its my second fairings and Im very happy talk to you soon have a great day "

  Oct, 2009
~~ Ronald Lauzon, from Ontario, Canada

"my bike with the Jumbo Strong Hardbags, Luggage Racks, Bag Guards and newly installed Batwing Fairing, all parts from Tsukayu! The bike looks awesome and everyone wants to know where I got the parts. People now realize that the batwing fairing can fit on metric bikes. Thanks for the great parts and I look forward to promoting your company for the awesome parts and service. Thanks again!"

  Oct, 2009
~~ Barry Sheppard, from Nova Scotia, Canada

"A few years ago we ordered some hard bags for my wife’s Deluxe and they were fantastic."

  Oct, 2009
~~ Henry Schulte, from California, US

"i must say that ordering from a company on the other side of the world i was preparing myself  to be disappointed or even the victim of a scam. what a shock when i received a package so well designed and the excellent quality of the bags and hardware. all complete and exactly as ordered the chrome latches with the tsukayu name look great and the mounting brackets are show quality. wow!!"

  Sept, 2009
~~ James Hopkins, from Virginia, US

"The painter, and I, both think your company did an excellent job on the bags."

  Sept, 2009
~~ Norval Wallen, from Louisiana, US

"Dear Jason,
I'm just receiving now the Ushape for replacement, this one is perfect, many thanks. I want to highlight your very serious and professional attitude, and I have just to recommand Tsukayu for its products and its end to end commercial approach. of course if you want you can use this comments as testmony putting in evidence your approach."

  Sept, 2009
~~ Denis GRANDINOT, from Normandy, France

"Just wanted to thank you for making the process of obtaining your new fairing for the HD Deuce so easy. My project is now completed, and I am extremely pleased with the results. I thought you might like to have some photos of my 2000 FXSTD Deuce "Bagger." Thanks again."

  Sept, 2009
~~ Roger Meyer, from Nevada, US

"The Hard bags and hard ware arrived here in excellent shape, a very novel way of shipping.
I'm impressed with the work, but fiberglass and metal....you done good!"

  Sept, 2009
~~ Norval Wallen, from Louisiana, US

"I just bought a 2002 Road King Classic and I would like to know if my existing fairing for my Vstar 1100 fits on my new road king and if so I would like to order the brackets that will fit the road king by the way you have a great product thank you Ron let me know ASAP"   Sept, 2009
~~ Bruce Lawson, from South Carolina, US

" i GOT it !!! :-)
Thanks for all, it looks beautyful. I will recommend your company to my friends. Good job, really. I´m very curious to watch it on my bike after installing. The colour is perfekt made . I think i will be one of the first guys in Germany who ownes this fairing.
I wish you all a good time and stay well. If you want i can make pictures to send it to you."
  Aug, 2009
~~ Günter Trapper, from Aschheim, Germany

"Just a quick note, I received the fairing and installed it the next evening. Took all of 30 minutes. I am very pleased wiith the quality and the color match is perfect. Sound is awesome!!!
Thanks for producing a great product. If you ever need a reference for your product, feel to provide my e-mail addres.
Once again, Thanks"
  July, 2009
~~ Guy Christian, from California, US

"just received my saddlebags! Well Done! absolutley good saddlebags for a fair price! :-) And well done with the customs :-)
If you like I can provide you with pictures nextz week when the saddlebags are mounted on a M1500 ;-)
  July, 2009
~~ Jacek Majcherczyk, from Düsseldorf, Germany

"We did get a new vinyl jumbo set from you a few days ago. We looked at the new bags and the new fake leather look very good. Actually they looked better then the real leather and we think there will be a lot less problems with them.
  July, 2009
~~ Rick, dealer, from Ohio, US

"I received the bags and they have been installed on the bike!!...
Thanks for shipping them so fast. The quality of the bags is top- notch... great product.
Thanks again..."

  July, 2009
~~ Jason Hilton, from Maine, US

"The fairing came in today, Excellent craftsman ship. It's going to look great on my Bike. Thank you Artie"   July, 2009
~~ Artie T Coffman, from Oklahoma, US

"Thank you very much. I really appreciate you sending the seals out so quickly. You have very good quality bags for the price, and your customer service is fantastic. I will recommend your product to everyone I know. The only thing I would change would be, if someone orders bags in primer than not to install the seals on the bags. Thanks again!"

  Jun, 2009
~~ Scott J. Szymusiak, from Michigan, US

"The bags were just delivered and unpacked. They are beautiful and well worth the wait. I am very impressed with the packing box. Now, on to the fairing! Great job."
  Jun, 2009
~~ Richard Beckwell, from Maryland, US

"Hi, order arrived without any problems!
Wonderfull! It looks really great, and is in very good quality.
I´ll send you some pictures, when I have mounted the saddlebags.
Many thanks"

  Jun, 2009
~~ Thomas Wozak, from Anif, Austria

"Hi thanks for a great set of strong panniers (saddle bags) they only took 3 hours to fit on my Triumph America, and they have impressed my local Triumph dealer here in the UK to the point of him rushing in to his office to get his camera. Please find attached a couple of photos that you are welcome to use on your web site. Thanks for the great service from the sales team."

  Jun, 2009
~~ Craig Anstee, from Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

"The fairing and bags look great and went on in less than an hour. 2001 Road King. wes"

  Jun, 2009
~~ Wes

"Thought I would drop you a line to say how pleased I am with the new "Strong" bags I received a couple of weeks ago, for my '06 Kawasaki Nomad. Great shipping container!
I've enclosed a few pics of the finished installation (that only took 30 minutes) that you are more than welcome to use on your website. I'm also included one of the numerous emails I send out to people enquiring about my old Nomad bags that I now have for sale. I doubt that I will ever sell them, as I recommend yours so highly! Thanks again for a top quality product, keep up the good work!"

  Jun, 2009
~~ Jeffrey Banks, British Columbia, Canada

"received the replacement lid. Just wanted to say thanks! Its a pleasure to do business with a reputable establishment such as yourself. I'd be happy to recommend your products to any/all who might be in the market. Reputable product/ Quality product, thanks again!"

  May, 2009
~~ Russ Steppen, US

"I will also send pictures of the fairing on the bike. Please pardon my dirty bike. I have not had a chance to wash it.
PS. To my surprise the handle bar control for the stereo does more than what I thought. It does change the channels and raise or lower the volume. I was comparing it to the other handle bar controls and too quick to judge. The control is very responsive; works well with gloves and is not as large or obtrusive as other controls. It would be very nice if this piece could come in chrome.
Talk with you later."

  May, 2009
~~ EDWARD W HARTMAN, from Wisconsin, US

"I ordered a fairing on 03/28/2009. Recieved it 04/28/2009. I have recieved the fairing and I am very pleased with the fairing. I actually LOVE the fairing.
The painter at my wifes bodyshop was pleased with the prepping that had already been done, took very little prep work for paint.
I got home yesterday from a 3500 mile trip 6 day trip, I had several people ask me about the fairing, I told them to go to Tsukayu.com, I even wrote it on the back of some business cards so I would not have to keep spelling it for them.
I have enclosed photos I took of my bike with the fairing, You have permission to use them if you would like to. Thanks"

  May, 2009
~~ Steve Lane, from Louisiana, US

"Here are some pics of my bike if you want to use them on your site. I have received numerous comments from people about how great these jumbo strong bags look with the luggage racks and bag guards. I am really happy with the service and quality of equipment that I have purchased from your company. Thanks!"

  Apr, 2009
~~ Barry Sheppard, from Nova Scotia, Canada

"I received my bags today and they are beautiful.
Thank you for the great service and great product"
  Apr, 2009
~~ John Whalen, from New York, US

"I recieved today my order from Tsukayu and must say that I am very impressed with the quality down to the packaging. Very professional and protected.I will take pictures and post them to show how Tsukayu treats every order.Thank you very much and I am sure there will be another purchase from me and I will share my pleasure eventhough a little nervous because this was my first internet purchase but I am so impressed and pleased.I will take a series of photo's when it is painted and installed and hopefully you will use then on your web-site.
Again Thank you very much."
  Apr, 2009
~~ Ivan J. Gallant, from Ontario, Canada

"Thank you for recent reply on my situation with my Tsukayu jumbo bags which I really love. My address for the new style Z-brackets for my 2008 Yamaha Vstar 1300 is:
Thanks again for your help and have recommended your products to many people since they love how they look on my bike. I am glad that I will not have to drill new holes since I guess these brackets have the same position for the mounting holes. Thank you so much again and will as usual recommend your products to everyone.
Thank you"
  Apr, 2009
~~ Todd Billingsley, from New Jersey, US

"We have received our new fairing.....Thank You very much. Your service is great! As soon as we install it, we will be sending you pictures. We will definitely recommend your company to our friends. Actually, we had a gentlemen come in last week to see it and he left with your address. Thanks again."   Apr, 2009
~~ Gilles & Shirley Boulianne, from Ontario, Canada

"Here are some pics of my bike if you want to use them on your site. I have received numerous comments from people about how great these jumbo strong bags look with the luggage racks and bag guards. I am really happy with the service and quality of equipment that I have purchased from your company. Thanks!"   Apr, 2009
~~ Barry Sheppard, from Nova Scotia, Canada

"As I promised I have sent you some more pics of my bike and your great bags! I have returned from Afghanistan and been able to get out on my bike a few times now. I get asked wherever I go about these bags, fellow riders cannot believe how nice they fit, quality, room and just the total overall finish is, they are some of the best bags I've seen! I just wanted to tell you that I am completely satisfied with your product and have recommended you to everyone who asks. You can use the pictures as you require."   Apr, 2009
~~ Derek Sittler, from Ontario, Canada

"Rec’d the bags today. Very impressed with your service. Thx so much."

  Mar, 2009
~~ Keith Morrison, from California, US

" I would like to say a sincere "Thank You", for processing my order so quickly. From the time I placed my order with your company, till it arrived in my home only took ten days. I am truly amazed by the fact you got my new bags to me in such a short time. Also the quality of the packaging you sent my order in was excellent and my order arrived in excellent condition because of this fact.It is obvious you have a very competant company and workforce. I would like to congratulate you on that and wish you much success in the future.
I am very happy with the quality of my Jumbo Hard Bags. They are now installed on my 2006 Suzuki Boulevard C90T, and they look fantastic. In this part of the world, where we live, we still have a lot of snow on the ground. However that will soon be gone and we will have approximately six months of sunny, warm weather to ride our motorcycles. The numbers of motorcycles is constantly growing among our population as a form of recreation. When I take mine out, I am sure I will be complimented on the superior quality of my new Tsukayu Jumbo Hardbags. Also a lot of motorcycle owners will be asking me where I got them, how expensive they were, and how long did it take to recieve them after they were ordered. I can assure you that they will be very pleased with my reply. I will be giving your company nothing but the highest of compliments and I truly believe that you will be recieving orders for more of your products from this region of the world.
Congratulations to You and your Workers on fabricating such High Standard of Products.
I wish everyone at Tsukayu, the Very Best of Luck and Much Success in the Future."
  Mar, 2009
~~ Jack B. Wood, from Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

  Mar, 2009
~~ STEVE MAXEY , from US

"To Everyone at Tsukayu,
I received my order today and I must compliment you on the quality and exceptional efforts that you put into your products and the extra care you put into packaging your shipments.
It is very impressive to see a company take so much pride in their products and making every effort to see that their customers are satisfied.
you can be certain that we will do business again in the future. I will also make every effort to share my experience and recommend your products to everyone I can.
Thank you very much and I wish you much success."

  Mar, 2009
~~ Nick Emeric, New Jersey, US

"thanks, i recieved the bags today.perfect shape. awesome shipping box. i'll refer you guys to every one that likes the bags.god bless"   Feb, 2009
~~ Michael j Tarrants, from Arkansas, US

" Thank you so very much for your rapid response, I would like to express my sincere gratitude in your company's customer service and quality of your product. The hard bags are great and superior in quality. Today I ordered the chrome bag guards. I am sure excited about getting them mounted, Thank you again for your professional service."
  Feb, 2009
~~ AJ Rudd, from Oklahoma, US

" I just recieved my fairing that I ordered. I wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with your product!!! The installation could not have been easier. I was a little worried about the color match paint,I am very picky.I was VERY happy with the paint. The speakers sound GREAT!! Also, you were approximately $800 to $900 cheaper than any oter fairing I looked at. Just wanted to let you know what a great product you have!!!!!
  Jan, 2009
~~ Chris Colby, from California, US

"A short note to advise that we received our order on 23jan09. Thank you for the rapid response and shipment. Quality of fairing and paint is great. We have not completed the install yet and will provide pictures when install is complete."
  Jan, 2009
~~ Mike & Tammy Walter, from Illinois, US

"Hey Guys...
I purchased your 'Strong Bags' for my Suzuki Volusia. I ordered the primed pair since I was getting them painted anyway. Other than drilling out the rivets and installing small bolts/nuts and lock washers the bags have been great. Loads of room even with the size I bought. Some small suggestions for future.
Perhaps consider velcro straps in the top for securing sun glasses to the lid, or an interior flat section on the lid for mounting wireless push lighting. I've found both of those ideas helpfull.
Attached are some pics of the 2003 Suzuki Volusia. Painted by Skinny's Wild Air in Alberton Ontario.
Hope you like the bags painted as much as I do."
  Jan, 2009
~~ Russ Turner, from Ontario, Canada

"Dear Tsukayu,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for my recent order. It was delivered on time and the care taken for shipping was A+++++++. The color match and paint job was excellant. I am looking forward to installing these strong bags on my VTX. I will make sure to send you a photo. It may be a month or so because we are in our winter months and my bike is in storage .
Thank you"
  Jan, 2009
~~ George A Blesso III, from Connecticut, US

"Just got my bags. They look great. I will be sending business your way. Thanks guys, Don."
  Jan, 2009
~~ Don G Smith, from Kentucky, US

"My guards are on there way!! I just wanted to take a second to thank you guys! Your shipping is the fastest shipping i have ever seen. I can't wait to get the bags on my bike, they look awesome. They quality is MUCH better than i expected. i cant believe the hinge and latch quality as well. As soon as they are on i will send you the pictures for the 10 percent!(Thanks) I will be sure to spread the good word to all my buddies about your products!!
Job well done, keep up the good work! Now for me to save some cash
for the top racks... and..."

  Jan, 2009
~~ Dan Fredericks, from Ontario, Canada

"I received my order. I am very satisfied. Everything was carefully packed. I am very happy about your service. Thanks again"
  Jan, 2009
~~ Paul-Emile Beaulieu, from Québec, Canada

  Jan, 2009
~~ ROSA, Florida , US

"Good morning,
I received the saddle bags today and they are exactly what I expected. Very fast shipping and excellent packaging. I will recommend you to my friends.

  Jan, 2009
~~ Brian L Horne, from Nova Scotia , Canada

"Just a note to let you know that I am really enjoying the leather covered strong bags that I purchased from you a few months ago. I also appreciate the quick responses to my e-mails about your products. Money well spent on an excellent product."

  Dec, 2008
~~ Coleman Boone, from US

" I just finished unwrapping my new Strong Hard Bags and all the accessories I ordered with them, I must tell you, I Believe they are the most beautiful bike accessory I have ever seen, the quality is outstanding, the colour match exact and the chrome superb, You guys were awsome to deal with, I am counting the days until I can have them installed and hit the road, Thanks Very Much, I will be ordering the trunk in the near future, Thanks again !!!!"

  Dec, 2008
~~ William (Billy) Cox, from British Columbia, Canada

"I appreciate your sending me emails on special deals. I referred a friend of mine to you and he ordered bags from you. I really like the strong bags I bought from you. I will take some pictures and send them to you. Thanks again…."

  Dec, 2008
~~ Kelly Bradley, from Oregon, US

"Hello, I recently purchased a set of STRONG bags for my Yamaha Roadliner and thought I would send a few pics if you would like to use them for marketing as I am very happy with the bags! Thanks for a great product!"

  Dec, 2008
~~ Jay Haman

"The Luggage Rack has arrived and it looks 200% OK!
I would like to thank you both for your immediate action and would like to praise Tsukayu: it has been a real pleasure doing business with Tsukayu and I am sure that the Hard Bags will look stunning on my Kawasaki VN2000. I will surely recommend Tsukayu to all my biker friends that are looking for Hard Bags. Have a great day."

  Nov, 2008
~~ Paul Jansen, from Scherpenzeel, Netherlands

"Good morning folks,
I received my bags yesterday and they look great! Nice pieces. Thanks for the quick shipment. Nice doing business with you!"
  Nov, 2008
~~ Mark Penrod, from Florida, US

"I have received my new saddlebags. Thank you very much. I am very impressed with your quick shipping service. The world is indeed small."   Nov, 2008
~~ Bob Kortan, from Nevada, US

"I would really like to say thanks for the great product. The bags look great on my bike and I really love the look. feel free to use the pictures and let me know what you think. Thank you again"   Nov, 2008
~~ Tim Lyke, from Minnesots, US

"Ok, I am offically impressed with everything about your company now!
About eight months ago I purchased a Corbin fairing for my Stratoliner. It's a good looking fairing, but basically not worth their price and kind of "unfinished" looking. Then, while looking through Cruiser magazine I came across Tsukayu hard bags and fairings. I'll admit I was a little skeptical at first, but the more on-line research I did, the more I was willing to chance it.
When I purchased my Tsukayu fairing on Septmber 18, I didn't realize that Daytona's Biketoberfest was only a month away. Anyway, to make a long story somewhat shorter, you guys were able to finish the fairing, pack it up, and get it delivered to my door by October 7. Simply amazing!!!
This is without a doubt the best fairing on the market!! Quality, finish, paint, and most of all customer service is unmatched by any other! I commend the entire staff (production, shipping, sales, etc.) at Tsukayu and will gladly sing praises for your company.
Tell everyone (as I will) do banish all doubts and reservations they might have on doing business with Tsukayu, they are THE BEST in the business!!!!
Thank you again and again."


Oct, 2008
~~ Jason Johnson, from Tennessee, US

"Please,Could you please post my picture on your website? I am a very happy customer and I have been receiving liots of compliments and questions about Tsukayu and I would be proud to show people my bike picture in your website."

  Oct, 2008
~~ Jack Faz, from California, US

" I have received my Road King plain fairing and love it ! It is an exact fit and arrived all the way from your country in good shape thanks to your fibreglass box.
I will send you some pictures to post if you wish soon as I don't see any plain inner fairing pictures on your web shots.
I would like to ask (if possible) where I may buy some of your rubber molding you installed around the edges of the fairing sections.
This is to line the outer fairing section on the bottom, around the headlamp and on the inner fairing, the top edge where the windshield mounts.
I live in Ontario, Canada. But if you know anyplace in Canada or United States, I can try to buy there.
Once again, I am very happy with your product and thank you for everything."
  Sept, 2008
~~ Rui Freitas, from Ontario, Canada

"The day before yesterday I recieved the fairing. It looks very good on my bike. Unfortunately the windshield is not high enough. Can I order an extra windshield Clear 10” ?
I am looking forward to hear from you."

  Sept, 2008
~~ Ingo Weijers, from Pannerden, Netherlands

"Dear Tsukayu,
I have placed two orders with your company over the past summer months and I would like to tell you that your company produces excellent products and your workmanship is superb.
The HD Style Fairing and the Stong Hardbags that I purchased fit perfectly on my 2006 Roadstar.
I have attached four pictures of my motorcycle after installing your products on it. I would love to have my bike displayed on your website to help you promote your motorcycle products.
Anyway, I would like to thank-you and your company for the outstanding work that you do and the reasonable prices that you charge. Your company is the GREATEST!"

  Sept, 2008
~~ Alan Templeton, from North Carolina, US

" I did call DHL and get them to track the shipment – in fact it’s already delivered and I have installed the bags!! They look very good. Thank you very much!
You’ll hear from me as soon as the re-designed fairing is ready for sale. Cheers"

  Sept, 2008
~~ Alan Buchanan, from British Columbia, Canada

"Hello, I have attached some pictures of the fairing purchased, the bike is a 2002 Honda VTX1800 R/S. I just completed a 5500 mile trip with the fairing on the bike. I'm certainly happy I got the fairing before leaving. Made the ride so much nicer and was able to ride 500-800 miles without becoming too exhausted. You may post the pictures on your web site if you wish, thanks again."   Sept, 2008
~~ Chris Williams, from California, US

"Just thought I would let you know I recieved my order today. Everything appears to be in good shape. Thank you for the fast shipping."   Sept, 2008
~~ Robert Nissley, from US

"To: Sales Department Tsukayu.
Thank you so much for your fast delivery time of the Coner Hardbags for Vulcan Classic 1500. I couldn't believe it, I received them in 15 days from the time I placed my order. I am very pleased with the quality of the bags and the installation hardware. They look great on my bike. I will not hesitate to order merchandise from you company in the future.
Thanks again for your service."
  Sept, 2008
~~ Harry Neal, from Newfoundland, Canada

"Strong bags arrived safely and look great on the bike. Was a bit fiddly to fit but well worth the effort.
Thanks for the great service. Look forward to doing business again in the future"
  Aug, 2008
~~Paul Ward, from Wales, Australia

"Really nice product for the money, Going to the Myrtle Beach SC Bike Rally in October will be proud to show off. Attached picture of my bike. Thanks"
  Aug, 2008
~~John Sumner, from South Carolina, US

"Received my patrol hard bags and installed them. They look awesome . Thanks for the great service and excellent product. Looking forward to ordering the fairing in the winter."
  Aug, 2008
~~ Marcel Jeanson, from Manitoba, Canada

"it arrived today and once I figured out how to install it the fairing looks terrific. It is just in time as we leave for a trip tomorrow. Anyone asks where I got it and I will give them your web site and tell them how pleased I am. Thank you."   Aug, 2008
~~ Jim Kennedy, from Ontario, Canada

" Recieved my bags today and I must say they look great.
Can´t wait to get them mounted on the bike.
Nice doing business with you guys.
Thanks again!"
  Aug, 2008
~~ Magnus Werner, from Skåne, Sweden

"Received fairing in excellent condition. Most impressed with workmanship.


Aug, 2008
~~ Ronald Williams, from Ohio, US

"I recived your package in the middle of the March, when I was in the hospital, and after a leg operation that I had at that time, now I am again on my feet and put on Tsukayus on the my bike. The bags look very good, not easy to put on, but after all I am very satisfaid.
There is some photos that you can put on your galery."
  July, 2008
~~ Predrag, from VILLORBA, ITALY

" I received the Leather Covered Bags and I have placed them where they belong!!!
I would like to thank you very much for the cooperation. You have a satisfied customer in Greece and I will do my best to bring to you more customers.
I sent you the photos of my KAWASAKI VN900 Classic and I'm looking forward to seeing them as promo photos at your site.
Thank you very much."
  July, 2008
~~ Christos K. Ifantidis, from EVOSMOS, Greece

"I am very pleased with the fairing in quality and in looks. Thank You very much"   July, 2008
~~ Charles Knight, from New York, US

"Hi I just wanted to thank you for all you did to help in fixing this order. My husband has had some people ask where he purchased the saddle bags already...we got our left one on Saturday. I hope this brings in more orders for you company. I hope that the spam detector problem you were experiencing has been cleared up so that orders can be filled more quickly. I know if I had known that I probably would have paid with a credit card to expedite the order. Anyways thanks again for all you did even when I kept asking about the order. "   July, 2008
~~ Margaret Mayhew, from New York, US

"I received the bags today. Thank you for the super fast and friendly service, and an absolutely wonderful product! I will definitely be recommending your company to other bikers. Thanks again."   July, 2008
~~ Andrew Befumo, from Virginia, US

"Thank you very much for sending the other keys. The set of keys with the black handle worked perfectly. I made a small modification on the strap that holds the lid so it can be removed during painting on any other purpose. i installed an eyelet on the strap and one on the bag. then used a pin with a carter type key arangement that i can just grab and pull off and slip back on. now the bags are perfect. thank you for your very good service. it has been a pleasure doing business with you"   July, 2008
~~ DAVID CAVALLARO, from California, US

Saddlebags have been received. "Very nice", thank you!   July, 2008
~~ Michael Brown, from Illinois, US

fairing arrived today looks good and stereo sounds really nice thank you   July, 2008
~~Jjose m velez, from Connecticut, US

Just wanted to say "thankyou for standing behind you product after the sale" I could not be happier with your service!
  July, 2008
~~ James Fleming, from Maine, US

"Your bags look very nice on my motorcycle I would love to see them on your web page"
Thank you very much"
  June, 2008
~~ Hal Waters, from Massachusstes, US

"The fairing is awesome.
I received it in time for my long ride and it worked perfectly.
Right now it is at the painters getting some custom work done. I will send pictures when I get it back next weekend.
Thanks for expediting the shipment."
  June, 2008
~~ Jonathan Vogel, from California, US

"WOW! I received my Strong Saddlebags today! I can’t believe they got here so soon! You just sent them yesterday! Anyway, I have only unwrapped one so far, but it is beautiful! The quality looks excellent, and they really look wonderful! I will certainly recommend your excellent product to my friends, thank you very much"   June, 2008
~~ Patrick Parmeter, from California, US

"Attached are photos of Tsukayu Strongs on my 2006 Yamaha Stratoliner.
Awesome product, thanks."
  June, 2008
~~ Barry Thomas, from Kansas, US

"Thank you, received my Patrol hard bags today, good job with the packing. The order was fast and on time and in one piece."   May, 2008
~~ Steve Dickey, from Florida, US

"Hello...I received my bags on monday and I am just writing a little note to say I am very pleased with them...the quality of workmanship is above and beyond perfect. I have not installed them yet, but I will be sure to give your company a excellent reference to my fellow motorcycle friends....once again thank you....Rick Beatty"


April, 2008
~~ Rick Beatty, from Ontario, Canada

"Thanks, I love this product and promote it on the HD forums and with local bikers. Feel free to use pictures as you deem necessary."


April, 2008
~~ Kevin Kudzal, from Massachusstes, US

"I have finally installed my new Strong Bags on my 06 Honda VTX 1300R and they look great. Quality product at a reasonable price. I've got my eyes on a fairing now. Thanks for your help getting me the bags!"


Mar, 2008
~~ Jeff Gossman, from Virginia, US

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